How To Make Virus (fake)

How To Make Virus (fake)

How To Make A virus That Just shutsdown Your Computer A good Way To spread it around is tell your friends that theres a new internet explorer that can do something really cool then just send it through email to them It wont come up as a virus on theyre antivirus cuz it causes no harm unless they are working on something and havent saved Disclaimer I have Bought this Song I do not Encourage Or support Mp3 Downloading All Rights Reserved For the Makers Publishers And artist of the song Contains Content from TrackoneRecords IGNORE HOW TO MAKE A VIRUS HOW TO MAKE A VIRUS HOW TO MAKE A VIRUS HOW TO MAKE A BOMB VIRUS HOW TO MAKE A FAKE VIRUS VIRUS VIRUS VIRUS Computer virus virus xbox 360 hack hack shutdown crash computer delete computer Viruses computer viruses computer delete virus that deletes computer computer crash virus crashing computer deleteing computer forever Hacks hacking hackers hack hack hack hack rofl hack


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