How to Find Router Default Passwords

How to Find Router Default Passwords

Want to know your Router’s default password and username? Usually, it can be seen on the backside of the router. But, unfortunately if it is not there, then how you can find it. Router password is necessary if you want to make any changes in your Router settings, for example, to change the administrative password to improve the security, etc.Win-Security
There is a very simple way to find a router’s default password. Just enter at, select your Router make from the dropdown list, and click “Find Password” button. It will list all available models with their default username and password.

This is a quite useful service, especially for technicians to find default passwords used not only on routers, but also on default web logins, CCTV systems, and other electronic devices.

Note: RouterPasswords is the largest free online database of default router passwords driven by the online community. You can also contribute, if you know a password, which is not listed on RouterPasswords.

Note: If you had changed the default router password, then you can reset it to default by pressing the reset button (shown at backside) for about 10 to 30 seconds.

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