How To Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Flash Drive and Install It

How To Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Flash Drive and Install It

Want to install Windows7 on a computer but don’t have any DVD nearby? Is your computer’s DVD/CD drive is damaged but you need to re-install Windows? No problem you can still install Windows 7 directly from USB flash drive. If you have Windows 7 .iso file then you can install Windows 7 from USB flash drive. For that we have to create bootable USB flash drive. Today I’m going to show how to install Windows 7 from bootable USB flash drive.

For this task we need atleast 4GB USB falsh drive. There are various ways of creating bootable USB flash drive, some are complicated and some are easy. Most of us don’t know that there is an official Microsoft software to make this task easier. Name of the software is Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool .

First download and install this software. Now start  Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool from Start menu.

Browse and choose the Windows 7 .iso file and click Next

Now select USB device

In this step select the drive letter of USB flash drive (be careful) and click Begin Copying. Now this tool will extract the Windows 7 .iso image file to the USB flash drive.

This process will take almost 10 min time. When the all processes are complete eject USB flash drive.

Nowadays most of the computers support USB booting. To boot from USB flash drive enter your BIOS and select the USB flash drive as first boot device. Save and reboot computer, next time the computer will boot from USB drive. Follow onscreen instructions to install Windows 7.

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