How to Check if Email Address Really Exists – Email Ping

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For any individual who knows the nuts and bolts of PC systems administration, PING is a fundamental device for diagnosing association issues.

Email address box “pinging” works likewise to standard system “ping” in that there’s a starting machine (e.g. your desktop or server) and an end machine (e.g. the mail server) yet that is the place the similitude closes. Pinging email boxes is not the same as general system pinging in verging on each path other than there are 2 PCs having a discussion.

Looking to verify an email?

There are several tools available online which does this checking. This email verification tool actually connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not.

In the Process of Email Address Pinging What is being verified:

  • Format: “”
  • Valid domain: “somebody@new.york” is not valid
  • Valid user: verify if the user and mailbox really exist


Manually verifying the mailbox via Windows Command Prompt.

Step 1. Enable telnet in Windows or utilize the PuTTy tool. On the off chance that you are on a Mac, open the iTerm application.

Step 2. At the command prompt , type the nslookup command:

In a console, type:

set q=mx

Step 3. Connect To The Mail Server

Open another console window. Using the mail server identified above, open a connection as follows:

telnet 25

You should receive a response similar to the following:

220 ESMTP 673gg11217105wjc.38 - gsmtp

Step 3 – Have a “Chat” with Mail Server

We type a sequence of commands into our telnet session (see above) as follows:

  1. HELO
  2. MAIL FROM:<>
  3. RCPT TO:<>

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