Hardware Round Up : Hottest Gadgets of 2008

Hardware Round Up : Hottest Gadgets of 2008

Hardware gadgets seem to have ruled the charts of success this year. Various innovative gadgets that were developed after intricate research and bountiful experiments were launched this year. Following is the list of a few coolest gadgets that had the world soaring hot.

Radio Controlled Motorized Drink Cooler – The is the best if you want to gain attention during a party or even a football game for that matter. It is a unique concept which is a radio controlled motorized cooler that a person can operate around the room using a simple transmitter. This cooler has the capacity to hold a dozen cans and bottles including the ice. It has the attribute of expanding and contracting, hence making it easier to transport as well. This cooler is battery powered remote runs on a standard 9-volt battery. This can move up at a distance of 30 feet, thus making it easier for the host to send around the drink using a motor rather that physical labour.

Magnetic Tool Band for Arm – One of the major concerns, that involves keeping track of all the tools while working under a car, of automobile manufactures have been sorted. Thanks to the magnetic arm band for tools that lets a person keep hardware like drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, pliers and even hammers, close to arms. The secret for the success of this hardware tool is the magnetic arm band that is engineered using heavy duty PVC coated poly-knit fabric and is secured using hook and loop straps.

LED Headlights for Dogs – This product is aimed at becoming extremely popular in countries all over the world. This is primarily an adjustable collar which can fit any dog with the easy-to-use clip-fasteners. Three powerful AAA batteries are installed to light the three LED lights that will not only help the dog but the owner as well to keep track at the night. Costing just $20, this is an interesting buy.

Hot Stop Shower Head – This is one of the highly advanced product in the bathrobe hardware segment. Basically this is a valve this is a temperature sensing valve that shuts off the water 117º F and above to prevent burning-hot accidents.

Zip Sander – Among the mechanical hardware, one of the most raging product is the Zip Sander which is lightweight foam block that is contoured to fit in ones hand and equipped with a hook-and-loop bottom surface which help in the easier attaching and removing of abrasive sheets.

Gorilla Wood Glue – The Gorilla Glue,a perfect launch in the lubrication hardware market is an emulsion of cross-linked polyvinyl acetate (PVA) molecules that are suspended in water. The main advantage of this wood glue is that is designed to better resist moisture, cold temperatures and even short clamp times. The fact that it facilitates short clamp times, makes this product a hit among the amateurs as well.

Bosch Rotary Hammer – This is a hammer drill on steroids that is designed to bore in wood by virtue of a switch. This inexpensive product works on with an easily detachable dust extractor and has two drilling modes. Just by pressing a switch one can toggle between the drilling modes.

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