Hacking with Netcat, Targeted Brute Force Dictionaries, V…

Hacking with Netcat, Targeted Brute Force Dictionaries, V…

Darren shows off some nifty tricks for Netcat and a targeted brute force attack dictionary generator. Matt continues his series on Virtualization with redundancy and Shannon pimps the blog with her WordPress plugin picks. Plus the results of our Monkey Contest, the Code Challenge and this weeks easter egg hunt 😉

  1. anyoen knwo HACKTOOL SNIFF PASS LOL

  2. digital engineers at a pinch, its clear this type of behavior leads to self-immune patterns of people advocating for injustice around long-term habits and short-term habits.

  3. your an idiot

  4. I usually just get a websters dictionary out and typing at approx 95 wpm I can crack a lot of passwords without fancy tools.
    I’ve done it so much now that I practically memorized the whole dictionary.

  5. 42:00 minutes long??!?!?!?

  6. How do you guys run the python file at the beggining? The cuppy thing 🙂 Your help would be great

  7. how the hell was he able to make this 41 minutes long?

  8. Matt and Darren are like Good Cop, Bad Cop
    … erhh Good Admin, Bad Admin

  9. bah it’s shit

  10. HD is on already lol 😛 dont push the HD button 😀

  11. bitch got titties.

  12. well said man, i actually find when matt is being a “prick” hes actually funny, in a monotone blatantly sarcastic way. darren is pretty quick and witty so it makes for an entertaining show and that girl has nice tits hahaha. its funny how they mock her in subtle ways hahaha she has a good sense of humor though 🙂

  13. hahaha touch tinafey….good werk bro

  14. this is a tv show

  15. The HD looks worse, wtf?

  16. I kinda liked Matt until seeing this. I prefer Darren now (H)

  17. I suspect you called Matt a prick because of his sober presentational style. His manner works well with the bouncy style of Darren. If viewers were paying big subscription fees to access these shows; they might have a right to harsh criticism. These people provide good info at a price everyone can afford, they do not deserve to be insulted.

    I appreciate people showing their real personalities rather than the fake personalities that are prevalent in mass media.

  18. Snubs we want more!

  19. It’s probably still in a dictionary. A Chinese dictionary. Throw a few numbers and special characters in that! 🙂

  20. I think he was having a bad day.

  21. oh yes, that boob lifting was hot… after the spanking

  22. oh yeah …spank me baby XD

  23. the password i use for all my stuff is a word i heard from a chinese guy once when i went to buy food, and i never say it, i just thought it was funny and started to use itas a password =P lawl

  24. That guy Matt seems like he’s turning into a real prick lately

  25. That is the same Cow as METASPLOIT!

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