Hackers Tested New DDoS Attack Tool

Hackers Tested New DDoS Attack Tool

As for the old DDoS attack tool, which has been used by the hacking until today, it was called the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), named after a weapon from Command & Conquer. Although the previous tool has been effective in past campaigns, it failed to show a high enough detection protection for the Anonymous members, and this weakness has led to lots of global arrests within the last year.

Now, a new #RefRef tool is being introduced to start annoying private businesses and governments as soon as this fall. It is known about the new tool that it’s designed in JavaScript and is able to exploit a server as long as the target supports JavaScript and SQL. Moreover, the speculations are that the new weapon exploits the target’s own processing power against itself and takes the server down by creating resource exhaustion.

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  1. Download not yet available to public..it will be out in September..no member of anonymous is allowed to upload it before the “dark avenger” mission of anonymous is not over..

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