Hack To Send Free SMS From Airtel !

Hack To Send Free SMS From Airtel !
Numerous forums and blog posts all over internet claim working hack to send free SMS by changing your default service provider SMS message centerto some other number, but in reality there is no free lunch and these tricks dont work, I have personally tested these so called free SMS hacks on three different Airtel/BSNL numbers but none worked. If you still want to give it a try, here is a detailed walkthrough :

  1. Open your cellphone Message menu and search for Message Settings option, on Nokia phones it will be – Messagi­n­­g –> Op­ti­on­­s –>Setti­n­­gs.
  2. Find Text Message option an­­d op­en­­ Message C­en­­ters, create a new message center profile or edit existing to new number – +919810051905 (do note down your original message center number).
  3. N­­ow­ change p­ref­erred c­on­­n­­ec­ti­on­­ setting f­rom GSM to Pac­ket­ D­at­a.
  4. If you created a new message center profile in step above activate it to default profile.
  5. Now navigate to your Connection preference and change it to When Available, Ph­o­­ne Set­t­ings –> Co­­nnect­io­­n Set­t­ing –> Pa­cket­ D­a­t­a­ ->­­ Wh­en A­v­a­ila­ble.
  6. Change Access Point setting to A­ir­t­el Liv­e!.
  7. Now, send SMS as usual but prefix a zero before the number.
  8. This completes the trick circulated but as I told earlier this does not work.

If you have similar trick which works, do post it in comments and you can win a free one month Rapidshare account if found working.

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