Hack MTS mblaze WiFi without root

mts mblaze hack

mts mblaze hack

Here’s how to do it….


  1. Download Greek WiFi finder or any other related application which finds MAC Addresses
  2. Open Greek WiFi finder and copy the Mac address of MTS WiFi by holding on it for 3 seconds.
  3. Paste the mac address *IN CAPITALS in the password of MTS ( it would look like CD:A8:AF:73:71:35) just an example
  4. Delete all colons ‘ : ‘ ( now it would look like. CDA8AF737135)
  5. Delete the 1st 4 alphabets i.ee delete CDA8 (Now it would looks like AF737135 ) This is the password for MTS WiFi
  6. Note : it will only work when the victim have not changed the default password.
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