Guiffy 9.1

An advanced cross-platform diff/merge. Diff tool, folder compare, and 3-way auto-merge.
Guiffy 9.1
About Guiffy
A visual diff, folder compare, and 3-way auto merge all-in-one tool. Guiffy features include the Trustworthy 3-way auto-merge — “SureMerge”, In-Line difference highlighting, integrated folder and filetree comparisons, command line interface and API for automation, SCM integrations and application plug-ins. Guiffy produces reports as HTML with support for color printing. File comparing options include folded views for support of large files. Supports over 150 file encoding formats such as UTF8, UTF16, MBCS, SJIS, and multi-lingual Unicode fonts.

Guiffy integrates with the following SCM systems as a value-added plugin: AccuRev, Allfusion Harvest, ClearCase, CMSynergy, CVS, Dimensions, MKS Integrity, Perforce, PVCS, StarTeam, SVN, and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

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