Google Wave Invites For Free!

Google Wave Invites For Free!

Only selected people are invited for testing and checking weather all the functions are working properly. So, these gang of people have an product which others cannot (even if they wish to) But there is no need to worry! I am giving away my share of Invites to people who really want them so that they can get their Hands on the Google Wave!


All you need to do is to follow some simple steps given below:

1) Follow us on: iTech Engine on youtubeiTech Engine on twitteriTech Engine rssiTech Engine feedburner Emails
2) Subscribe togoogle_sms_logo
3) Join or Sign In to Google FriendConnect displaying on iTech Engine.

Keep in mind that you need to complete as many things as you can mentioned above in order to be eligible for getting a Google Wave invite from me. All those who follow these will get an Invite!

After you done all this please send an email with all the details to wave(at)itechengine(dot)com

  1. Left with 24 Google Wave Invitations, Just comment here with your real email ID…. and you will be invited…….

  2. omgggg pleaseeeeeeeeeee send me a google invite! I need one badly:

  3. Hi Techjockey, can you send me an invitation for google wave (if still available).

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