Global Clockz 1.0.2

Run multiple real-time clocks under different times zones, keep track of time at 19 major cities, set alarm clocks.
Global Clockz 1.0.2
About Global Clockz
Run multiple real-time clocks. You can run as many as 10 real-time clocks across different time zones simultaneously. You can also set alarm clocks across different time zones. Of course, you can use 10 alarms clocks or 10 Macs instead of running one copy of Global Clockz.


– Keep track of the time, date, day of the week at more than 200 major cities around the world.
Run as many as 10 real-time clocks with the date and the day of the week across different times zones simultaneously.

– Keep track of the time at 19 fixed major cities in real time.

– Set and maintain as many as 10 alarm clocks under different time zones around the world.

– Find out the day of the week for a given calendar day.

– Find out the date and time under one time zone corresponding to a given date and time under another.

– Find out the time lag between two given time zones.

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