Getting Free Gadgets – a Brief Guide

Getting Free Gadgets – a Brief Guide

Free gadgets I hear you ask? Yes, I was sceptical at first – how can people afford to give away the latest gadgets for absolutely nothing? When I looked into it a bit further I discovered how this concept works. It’s really just a form of marketing. Before I explain the marketing side of things, I’ll explain how I actually got my free gadget – in this case, the very latest Sony PS3 games console. I started off at the website where I chose my free gift. There are other items to choose as well as a PS3, such as an Xbox 360 or iPod. Once I had chosen my free gift I signed up with my email address and postal address. Please don’t worry about spam email, I haven’t had a thing, and make sure you use your correct postal address, as this is where your shiny new PS3 will be sent. After signing up I had to choose an offer to complete (this is how they can give away free PS3’s – I will explain later). There are numerous offers to choose, such as signing up for free DVD rentals by post, or joining a betting site. Some of the offers will cost you, such as the betting site offer where you have to deposit and bet £5 (still not bad for a PS3 – and you might even win your bet anyway). Some of the offers (the DVD rental for example) are totally free – it will cost you nothing as long as you remember to cancel after the initial trial period. After I’d done the offer I was given something called a referral link, which is like my own personal website address. I now had to give this to a few friends and relatives (ten in total) and get them to also sign up and complete an offer, just as I did above. Most of them also chose the free DVD rental. It cost them nothing and they got to watch the latest films for a few months! That was it. When I logged into my account I could see who had signed up and how many were still required before I could get my free PS3. From initial sign up to the courier turning up at my door with a brand-spanking-new PS3 was only around four weeks. You can’t beat that for service.

As for how these companies can afford to give away PS3’s and Xbox’s, it is all down to commission. When you and your friends sign up for an offer the company providing the free gifts get paid a commission for referring you – it is this commission, plus the fact that they are buying the PS3’s in bulk at discounted prices which enables them to be able to give away such gifts.

So I hope you’re convinced, why pay £300 for a PS3 when you don’t have to. Get yourself over to now to start the ball rolling. Happy gaming!

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