Gadgets for the Car – Making Life More Comfortable

Gadgets for the Car – Making Life More Comfortable

Many gadgets for the car are making their presence felt. Not just as a novelty but also as a safety measure.

Gadgets for the Car – Making Life More Comfortable

Cars with automatic window shutters are a rarity and come at a premium no doubt. For the manual roll up window mechanism there is an add-on in the market. The automatic rollup car window gadget is making life easier for many people. These useful little gizmos come with attachment that also detect the brightness outside and switch on or off the headlights of the car. You can set the level of darkness outside to trigger the switching. When you go through a tunnel the headlights will turn on and when you exit it the headlights will turn off. The other little gizmos are electronic sensors that will turn on and off the windscreen wipers whenever the screen gets frosty with dew or rain.

One gadget for the car that found quite useful is the rear camera that is connected to the rear view mirror. The mirror has a small LCD screen which displays the entire rear section of the car. This enables the driver to see the rear with ease irrespective of anyone in the rear seat blocking his or her view through the rear view mirror. Some people are developing this gadget to record certain periods while the car is moving. In case of an accident the driver can save the recording to replay it as a support for his claim of not being responsible for the mishap. If the driver does not save the clipping then the video will erase the clip a few minutes after the vehicle has stopped.

Other gadgets include state of the art stereo radio players that cone with inbuilt DVD players and CD players. The latest in the range of IPods is the iPod dock that fits into the coffee cup holder. This iPod dock fits snugly into the cup holder and rotates enough to face the controls of the iPod so the driver has easy accessibility to them. Next in the same line of car gadgets is the iPod FM transmitter. This transmits the music on an FM channel that the car stereo FM layer is tuned to creating music for all in the car to enjoy.

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