Free WiFi Tools and Clever VPN Hacks – Hak5

Free WiFi Tools and Clever VPN Hacks – Hak5

This week Matt reviews an open source WiFi network scanner for Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) while Darren convinces a Windows server into treating a VPN connection as a service.

  1. ok so i love ur shows but can u either cut out all that (suposinly funny stuff) cuz bandwith not everybody has it and i’m mobile:)

  2. Like your shows .
    People who hate these shows are f****** in the ass.

  3. Very good, casual show. Not artificial acting like on TV.
    Epic-ness… true

  4. ’bout a 9 on the creep scale 😉

  5. Good Show!! 😉


  6. The quality of the new season hasn’t been as good as previous.

  7. Love the show, want to give you a quick password hack for windows. Just use the windows install disc and boot from it, when its booted you go to repair and in cmd change the name of sethc.exe in the system32 files to anything else the copy cmd.exe and rename it to sethc.exe. then when you boot at the logon screan press shith 5 times to give you cmd and from there use net user to change the admin pass or creat a new user.

    Try it

  8. love this show! cheers

  9. cool video 🙂

  10. Love it 😀 Hak5 is da best 😛

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