Flood-It! 2 – LabPixies

Flood-It! 2 – LabPixies
Flood-It! 2 artwork

Flood-It! 2


Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: February 03, 2010

From the creators of Flood-It! Comes the new and improved Flood-It! 2!

More Features! Challenges! Sound Effects! And it's still free!

Flood the whole board with one color. Wherever you go.


Cool new features:

– 3 challenge modes:
– Play against the clock
– Move around obstacles
– Finish the board with a defined color

– Cool sound effects

– Color blind color scheme

– New dimmed game design


Ridiculously addictive and fun!

Flood-It! 2 – Like Flood-It!, Only better.

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