Ethical Hacking Course for a Bright Future

Ethical Hacking Course for a Bright Future

Also known as white hat hacker, an ethical hacker is an expert in anti-hacking techniques who works to prevent malicious hackers from stealing or damaging important data and ensure that computer systems and networks are safe.

Generally, these type of ethical hackers work day and night to provide security to IT systems. At times, they can even break into any other system in the course of an investigation on the ground of doubts. Both black hat hackers (also known as crackers) and white hat hackers essentially do the same thing, but an ethical hacker has altruistic motivations.

How To Become An Ethical Hacker

Earlier to become an ethical hacker there were three main ways – a history or expertise in malicious hacking, being a bright computer science graduate, and possessing a training background in systems or administration or a combination of all three.

Nowadays it has become easier for people to become an ethical hacker as there are many private institutions and colleges, who are offering full-time ethical hacking training, embedded system training network security training and many more courses.

The ethical hacking training courses have been designed on the basic principles of how to catch a thief by employing their own tricks against them. Usually, an ethical hacking training course covers the following topics, such as:

Basics of networking


Basics of operating systems

Basics of databases


Techniques of windows hacking


Restoration of deleted files


Editing of registries


Cracking of password


Counter measure of password breaking


Computer forensics




Network hacking


Security tools


Hacking tools


Tracking of e-mail


Router hacking


Port scanning


Vulnerability of windows platform


Viruses and their mode of spreading

After the completion of the course, one gets the opportunity to practice hacking in an ethical way to ensure the security of confidential and important data. Moreover it also instills in students a strong ethical sense of what they should and shouldn’t do as security professionals.

Major benefits of ethical hacking training course

For students, a good ethical hacking training course helps to build a successful career in many big and small IT firms or other corporate firms. The future prospect of ethical hackers is bright as more and more companies are taking all possible steps to ensure security of various data and networks.


A full time ethical hacking training course opens doors for those who want to build a professional career in teaching. This course will never be out of market and in future many more private institutions, colleges and universities will include the ethical hacking training course in their curriculum given the ever-burgeoning market demand for IT security professionals.

The benefits of training ethical hackers are much higher as compared to the risks associated with it. But it is essential to do the course from a reputed institution or college to get the maximum benefit.

Mandira Kumar is working as a consultant in a reputed IT firm in India. She is also an amateur writer who has contributed several insightful articles on hacking training, nanotechnology, embedded system training and future of IT jobs in India, the USA, or the UK.

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