Energy Efficient Gadgets – the Need of our Times

Energy Efficient Gadgets – the Need of our Times

With inflation going through the roof and energy costing the sky, naturally, it will only be prudent to select the most energy efficient gadgets available to complete our day to day chores and routines. Let us take for instance, the clothes dryer. The conventional dryer used heating elements to dry the clothes. Now any one will know these energy guzzling gizmos can drive up the energy bills like no one’s business. It will be wise to use a centrifugal spinning clothes dryer that spins at an ideal 3300 RPM. This uses as much energy to dry the clothes as the heater dryer will use in the first fifteen minutes of operation.

When it comes to saving energy while cooling or heating your homes, use an electronic thermostat to control the temperature. These are far more energy efficient than the conventional electromechanical thermostats. Also remember to fix the temperature of the air conditioner to 24 degrees. This is the most comfortable temperature and uses the least energy to cool the place.

Lighting is another part of civilization that takes up a whole lot of energy. Using florescent lighting can bring down the energy consumption by over 50 percent. Since lighting uses up over 40 percent of the energy of a home changing over to florescent lighting will lead to substantial energy conservation as well as hard cash saved.

While industries and scientists strive to make gadgets more efficient it is a fact that the smaller and lighter the gadget is the more energy efficient it will be.

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