E-mail domain name as your character is revealed

E-mail domain name as your character is revealed

E-mail has become an integral part of our lives. We exchanged e-mail address with others, often by e-mail address to speculate on some of the other character. In fact, e-mail address not only the user name can reveal the characteristics of users, even in the domain name e-mail address can also tell us a lot of information. Recommended sites before service Hunch survey data on the U.S. under the four major users of e-mail service provider characteristics are classified .

These four e-mail service providers are: AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!.

AOL users are often aged 35-64 between the obese women , who generally high school graduates , have spiritual beliefs, but not religious believers . In the middle of the political line of their advocates , more than ten years of marriage , with children . AOL users generally live in the suburbs , never to travel abroad .The family is their top priority . They often read magazines , use the desktop computer , listening to radio programs at home with 1-3 VCR . When at home, like to wear their jerseys and other casual wear. AOL users are mostly character optimistic , outgoing , likes to eat sweets like the team .

Gmail users are mostly aged 18-34 between the young men , body lean . They generally have received university education , not religion .Political freedom , single (but for contacts) with no children . Gmail users can generally live in cities , have traveled to more than five countries . They work as the most important , most of them choose to read blog with iPhone and notebook computers , like MP3 and computer listening to music ( no VCR ). They like to wear at home, T-shirts and jeans . Gmail users prefer salty snacks , a little character, within a pioneering spirit . Their optimism and pessimism is often a result of the situation and moving .

Hotmail users are often people aged 18-34 between the fit young women , high school , no religious belief . Most of them single , no children , are among the political factions . Hotmail users may, and parents living in the suburbs , up to five countries have been to travel . They mostly read magazines and popular fiction , with notebook computers , the use of MP3 and computer listening to music ( no VCR ). At home, like to wear T-shirts and jeans . Their character within , like sweets , like team work . Some of them consider themselves more pessimistic, but, as the case may be .

Yahoo! users are most likely to be aged 18-49 years between the obese women. They have a high school diploma , a spiritual God, but not religious believers . They tend to live 1-5 years with a partner , have children , also belong to the middle of a political faction . Yahoo users live in the suburbs or rural areas , not to travel abroad too .Family is the heart of their priorities . They mostly read magazines , use the same laptop or desktop computer in general , like to listen to the radio and CD , like watching TV, VCR at home 1-2 . Yahoo users like at home wearing pajamas . Their character, outgoing , likes sweets , like team work . Yahoo users the same optimism and pessimism, as the case may be .

Although this survey is based on users in the U.S., but the features of Gmail users on domestic are many similarities. E-mail domain name if you want to observe the characteristics of the domestic Internet users, in addition to Gmail, and Hotmail, the other should be used more QQ, 163, sina and other local services. These mailboxes have their own distinct user groups the same characteristics. When a girl asked after your sign, you may wish to ask what she used the mailbox.


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