DropBrick – Antonio Xu

DropBrick – Antonio Xu
DropBrick artwork


Antonio Xu

Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: October 29, 2009

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Game Intro

Are you a born architect? Are you a born balancer? Now you get the chance to challenge yourself, we delight to present you DropBrick, an innovative puzzle game of physics and with lots of fun.

Accumulate a stack with sets of shapes to pass the height level and weight level, meanwhile, keep the balance as in the real world, and insist for a short period, not too hard, but really challenging.

– 70 levels of addictive gameplay.
– Balance detection for simulating the real world.
– Varying difficulty, from easy to hard, level by level.
– Tracking your best performance.
– Level selection menu.
– Settings page with soundFx mute, calibrate justify and levels reset.
– Automatically save progress.

© Antonio Xu

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