Download Games for PSP GO 2010

Download Games for PSP GO 2010 *NOTE FOR THIS TO WORK YOU NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE! * THIS WILL NOT WORK ON OFFICIAL FIRMWARE! So many people have asked me; “How do you get CFW?” Well it takes way to much to answer the same question to so many of you, so the answer is below. I suggest you look up a tutorial! I’ll tell you this much, you need a Pandora Battery and a Magic Memory Stick. You can get the PB on, and make the MMS yourself! This tutorial will explain how you can download PSP games for free and play them off your memory stick. If you find it hard to read what is in the video, just pause it! If you need any help with putting games on your PSP or any other related PSP help, contact us on Go to http 1.) Register (without registering you will not be able to enter the games section). 2.) Go down to the “Games” section or use the “Search” button. 3.) Find a game you would like to download and save it to your PC as shown in the video. 4.) After download put the game on your PSP and lauch it as shown in the video! – All What Your PSP Needs http is a PSP website where you can download: • PSP games • Movies • Homebrews • PSP Tutorials +Some PS3 • PC games • PC Software AND A LOT MORE! And the best thing is that… IT’S ALL FREE! 1.) Go to 2.) Register. 3.) Download & Post. Song Daft Punk-Around The World

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