Download CFW Nokia 5233 BA Simplicity Alpha v51

Download CFW Nokia 5233 BA Simplicity Alpha v51

Firmware Information : > BA Simplicity alpha is based on Latest Nokia’s V51 for Nokia 5233 (RM-625) With
New Web browser v7.3.1.33.
Increased speed.
Stability Improved.
Increased Battery Backup.
Minor Bug Fixes.


> Nokia 808 Sound Codecs added for Dolby surround effect mod by DjRaz.
> Python superpack 2.0 included
> Nokia QT 4.7.3 Included
> Fully Ported ANNA Icons by binh24
> Original FW by Nokia Fully Hacked including special patch for Rompatcher ” No built in error”.
> Nokia-808-PureView-Default-Ringtones Full
> Bluetooth Received Files Mod by 008Rohit
> Based on Nokia’s Original v51 firmware
> Most Responsive Touch ever before
> Change Default Music Search Location to E: Music
> CPU Mod by 008Rohit (Boosts the speed of the phone and run better)
> Prevent apps from running in background
> Faster Performance with Better Battery Life
> Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
> Complete Audio Codecs From Nokia 5800
> Special HS Including Basic, Flash Live, Contacts Bar, Finger Use, Full Page, Navigation Bar

General Features :

> Camera completely fixed.
> High fps to for quality shots and video recording.
> ”Camera already in use” Error Completely fixed.

> Camera will not leave in background after close it
> Gallery searching improved
> Share Online removed
> OVI Music removed
> Video Capture predefined frame rate increased
> Music Player will read E:\Music\
> Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.
> Profile “General” renamed to “BA Simplicity”

> Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
> Music Player is now a lot more faster
> CPU mod optimized to get complete stability
> 65+ MB ram at start up.
> Heap Size Increased further to boost up performance
> Increased Application/Gaming frame rates


All Default Themes, , Chat, OVI Contacts, OVI Music, Online Support , Adobe Reader , Default Games, about, Help, Here And Now, Settings Wizard, Share Online, Internet Phone, Dictionary, Search, Podcasting, Shazam

Applications Added : QT 4.7.3 + 1 Light blue theme + 2 playboy themes + MemCheck 0.5 + Rompatcher 3.1 + KillME 1.36  + , BT Reciver + File Browser :)


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