Choosing A Right Blogging Service

Choosing A Right Blogging Service

Choosing a blog hosting service is a crucial decision for the success of the blog. It is essential for the blogger to choose a right platform for blogging based on his requirements. Each blogging service has its own uniqueness. However, it is only when they are chosen properly, that they can be used efficiently.

Choosing a right blogging service
There are two choices for people looking for a suitable blogging service. One of them is self-hosted blogging service. The other one is free-hosted blogging service. The main advantage of self-hosted blogging service over free-hosted blogging service is that it enables blogger to select domain name. Here are some additional details of each platform to help in selecting the right blogging service.

Self-hosted Blog Platform: This platform is suitable for the bloggers who are willing to create a professional or commercial blog. This facilitates the blogger to choose a genuine domain name and build their blog on it. Besides a selective domain name, self-hosted blogging enables the blogger to have full control over the design and appearance of the blog. Other advantages of self-hosted blogging platform are free plug-ins that makes the environment of blogging, more flexible. The current popular self-hosted blogging services are Movable Type, Serendipity, and Self-hosted blog platforms are rather complicated and require high technical knowledge to host blogs from them.

Free-hosted Blog Platform: The free-hosted blogging service enables the blogger to host his blog free of cost. Thus, the blogger can concentrate on his posts and content, rather than, on bandwidth and storage. Creating and publishing a blog in free-hosted blog platform is easy and less time consuming. Also, blogs from free-hosted service are easily picked up and indexed in search engines quickly compared to self-hosted blogs. Most popular services are,, MSN Spaces, and TypePad (Paid and hosted). Free-hosted blog platforms give less or moderate control over the blogs and often cannot acquire higher page ranks when compared to self-hosted blogs.

The blogger needs to have a clear understanding about his purpose and goals of blogging, in order to choose a right blogging service. It is essential for him to clearly understand the pros and cons of blogging services before choosing either of the two.

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