CES 2010: Dolby Volume Technology Tames Loud Ads

CES 2010: Dolby Volume Technology Tames Loud Ads

revision3.com Why are commercials on TV so loud? Why does surround sound often make it harder to hear your TV programs and movies? The audio wizards at Dolby asked that same thing, and then invented Dolby Volume. This audio breakthrough makes surround-sound audio sound great on your TV and home theater receivers, but also levels out commercials, making the video viewing experience much, much better. This breakthrough is going to be everywhere! Great going Dolby. ——————————- …

  1. the people ar more dumer,and dumer….

  2. Yeah but those commercials always sneak up on me!

  3. well said, that’s what everybody should do

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    hotbitchxxxgirlpower January 16, 2010 at 3:08 am

    How ironic. As soon as this video ended, i was BLASTED with loud-ass revision3 music and sound effects

  5. Forget the dolby volume! just use the mute button,that what the mute is for. ! !

  6. If you want to level out TV volume without having to buy a new TV or receiver, check out the SRS MyVolume Adaptor that feature SRS TruVolume technology. The MyVolume adaptor fits in-line between your cable box and TV to level volume fluctuations. The HDMI version only costs $99 and the RCA version is only $49 right now. In a side by side comparison, SRS TruVolume was chosen 9 times out of 10 as the leading solution over Dolby Volume by consumers.

  7. FINALLY!!! I’ve been saying manufacturers of TVs needed this feature years ago! WE HATE LOUD COMMERCIALS and fiddling with sound levels constantly! Every producer mixes their sound differently – and DOLBY VOLUME just may be our answer to keep volumes at our PRESET LEVEL no matter the source – Commercials are TOO LOUD!!! Switch channels and the volume levels are all over the map. I WILL NOT buy a new TV or Audio/Video Reciever until it embodies THIS FEATURE!

  8. you have a sweaty tache

  9. ya, sick of loud comercials

  10. What’s with the shoddy camera work from 1:20 to 1:59? And why didn’t they edit it out?!

  11. revision3 needs this product!!

  12. it would be cool if dolby volume comes to PC platform

  13. Nice Emotiva plug.

  14. My Sony sound system has a feature like this ive been using it for years… I like it, but its not new.

  15. We’re waiting for Dolby to come out with Volume technology for our editors brain.


  16. Speaking of volume differences, you guys have some problems of your own in many of your videos. The into end ending music is just so much louder than the actual content.

    great show, otherwise 😉

  17. Billy mays, makes me want to buy this.

  18. Pat is the man!

  19. get veronica doing some reviews!

  20. @blamethedogs Billy Mays is already dead. Does the government really need to stab him in the back from beyond the grave?

  21. How come it seems like they haven’t had Veronica show anything off?

  22. Billy mays was amazing.

  23. Respect the dead.

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