Blackberry 8310 & Blackberry Bold : the Excellent Gadgets for Communicating in a Better Way

Blackberry 8310 & Blackberry Bold : the Excellent Gadgets for Communicating in a Better Way

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BlackBerry phones are praiseworthy in terms of their excellent mobile technologies. These gadgets fulfil all your professional needs. These are equipped with advanced features like Bluetooth, USB, HSCSD, instant email and lots more which would surely attract the users. However, the
availability of these features differ from gadgets to gadgets.

The BlackBerry 8310 is one of the best models from the house of BlackBerry. It is designed with classic features. It offers a 2MP camera which has an image resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixel. It enables the users to captivate all the happiest moments in their lives in the form of lovely photographs. This handset comes in the seductive black colour. Most of the BlackBerry phones come in the mobile market in black colour because it is considered as the ideal colour for professional people.

This communication gadget has attractive display features. The display unit of the BlackBerry model supports 65k colours and it offers resolution of 320 x 240 pixel. The users will also get the advantage to use QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is quite comfortable to use. Besides, the users can use it in a speedy way. Also, it has got the trackball navigation which the users can use to move through various mobile programs in a faster way.

The feature of its phonebook is also good. On the other hand, with the help of the photocall feature, the users can see the photograph of the other person while speaking with him. For those who like listening to music this gadget offers classic entertainment features. One of these is Media player which the users can use for watching videos. In addition, they can also listen to infinite popular songs.

The presence of its BlackBerry maps is the most useful for the users. This tool is helpful for finding the locations of various places. This BlackBerry handset is also embedded with Calculator, Voice dial,
Organizer and Document Viewer. This elegant mobile phone lets you play games in an enthusiastic way. Additionally , you can also download other new games from the Internet.

The BlackBerry Bold is also a magical handset which is ladened with all the essential mobile features. With the help of this gadget one can swiftly send and receive emails with attachments. This handset is a must have for businessmen. Even if they are out of their office, with the help of this gadget’s instant emailing feature, they can check their important emails at any time.

The camera of this mobile phone is of 2 mega pixels. It enables the users to take classic pictures. The users can capture fine photos at an image resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixel. Moreover, this gadget also lets one do excellent video recording. The manufacturer has installed a unique BlackBerry operating system which the users would find more beneficial. The standby time of the BlackBerry Bold is approximately 310 hours and it is capable to provide 5 hours of talktime backup.

This handset also offers a bunch of other features, like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth v2.0 and USB 2.0 of this widget are very useful for transferring data to other mobile phones. It has got irresistible features for playing games. You can download other kinds of exciting mobile games from the Internet and play these in your leisure time.

You can buy any of the two BlackBerry 8310 and BlackBerry Bold mobile phones with full peace of mind. Both of these handsets have almost similar functions and features. Quite interestingly, these come at incredible price. So, buy these and fulfil your desires for having advanced blackberry mobile phones.

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