AMD VISION Technology Overview

AMD VISION Technology Overview

Watch an overview of how AMD VISION Technology helps simplify the PC buying experience. For more information, please visit:

  1. I will also state that laptop driver support for the most part is bad anyway. You are beating on AMD/ATI when I’ve got a laptop that came with Vista too and has a GeForce Go 6150 graphics chip. NVidia’s site has no compatible drivers for it at all. I have to use much older drivers from HP’s website. Talk about lack of driver upgrade-ability there. It’s because each laptop is tailored to the specifics of the company that assembled it. Not the maker of the graphics chip.

  2. Graphics drivers are usually automatically installed with the newer operating systems such as Vista and 7, but NOT always. There are some rare cases where the hardware is too new for the drivers currently provided by Windows and you can only get them via Microsoft update or the AMD/ATI website. Also note that Vista is grossly notorious for lacking compatibility with many systems. Chances are that your issue is because of Windows and not AMD/ATI.

  3. My Vista Ultimate have no proper graphic drivers to mount especially automaticly!

    PowerXpress is not working when you will try
    mount moded 3650 dirver! Better check it before You will sell lies and hide mobile AMD/ATI drivers scandal true.

    ATI Hybrid CrossFireX will never work with 3650 too. Useless technics mounted for advertising only and talking about nothing
    to use in practice!

    And once again stop shiting about problem with my writing. You had no problem to understand anything!

  4. @PolishFactor

    For one, Puma, aka the Turion x2 Ultra processors, aka for NOTEBOOKS, do not need drivers because Windows Vista and Windows 7 automatically have drivers for it, hence why all the new processors do not have drivers needed for install.

    TWO, the 3650 is simply a 3650, you go to the website and get the 9.12 drivers and your done.

    And once again, learn English, or at least the easy to speak and type American…….

  5. Mr. NFWMM (No Fast Writing Mistake Maker).
    Where are official AMD/ATI site with mobile PUMA drivers and dawnload part? Not exist!

    Now tell your coustomers about shot range time perspectives.

  6. 1 learn proper English, or even American. and 2 they have drivers, your just a fucking moron…..

  7. Fuck such work! VISON is new name of PUMA only with 4XXX graphics card addon. AMD/ATI cheated us and gave all customers no driver all platform support reality! NEVER buy this shit till ATI idiots not understand that hredware without driver upgreat support is only shit! NV support own drivers for mobile platform! AMD/ATI fuck it! I lost a chance to play many new games like HAWX and use DX10.1 waitnig 1 year long for M790G HD3200 +HD3650 (PUMA) for VIsta any new drivers! Stop cheat people!

  8. It’s Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

  9. what game @ 0:49 ? please answer i searching a long time for a flight simulation

  10. What’s the game from 0:49 ? or it’s just some 3d test thing

  11. WOW Guys Bravooooo Nice Video and Nice New Things ! I Love you Guys . Great Job ! 5 Stars

  12. AMD/ATI .. LOVE YOU!

  13. I’ve been a proud supporter of AMD ATI from day one so I, through my purchases, has helped AMD ATI become what they are today. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK !!!! CHEA!!!!

  14. yeah…and thats about it…everything else is like an INSANE price to performance ratio.

  15. love amd i love you AMDguys jaja

  16. get the dx 4200-09…fuck laptops


  18. AMD get rolling you are still behind
    I want a better laptop cpu and gpu bundle

  19. Awesome!!

  20. ohh no nvidia where now? 😀

  21. when it comes to bang per buck AMD rul3Z!

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