AMD Fusion Media Explorer Demo

AMD Fusion Media Explorer Demo

Godfather of AMD Fusion Media Explorer, Casey Gotcher, walks you through some of the basic benefits of this beta software. Check it out at

  1. I love this program pwns Media Center imo

  2. the 3d ribbon looks really nice and smooth

  3. vista isn’t a piece of shit, it had a shaky launch but it’s pretty stable now.

  4. run on turion 64×2?

  5. Running on Turion 64 X2?

  6. Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com

  7. is it for xp too? with vista theme i have

  8. This will be great for when I switch to windows 7, till than support XP and not that piece of shit OS.

  9. Very cool interface/AI – especially on the big screen.

  10. Wow that ribbon view looks amazing!

  11. I love AMD, AMD is for the town! AMD is beyond expectations and affordable! AMD for the crisis time! xD

  12. Thats a nice tool for Vista

  13. looks good. is it out now, and is it free?

  14. this is really cool, takes a little time to get used to, but i find it better AND smoother than iTunes!

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