Amazon Wallet Balance to UPI Transfer Launched

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Amazon Wallet UPI launched, AmazonPay Balance (Money) Can be now used to send money via UPI. Load through Credit card and transfer to bank via UPI, Free of Cost.

Note- Only for Amazon wallet Full KYC accounts. Update to Amazon app version Amazon gift vouchers are not supported yet.

This works only if the Pay Balance has been added using the card method or you have paid for the Pay Balance using any other methods like UPI or Net Banking. This also means users won’t be able to send Amazon Pay balance which has been credited as cash back or gift voucher. This also allows you to load money through a credit card and transfer it to the bank via UPI 一 free of cost.

More Amazon users are now getting the Amazon Pay balance as UPI payment mode. To get the feature, make sure you are on the latest version. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the app. 

Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Transfer Via UPI Now Available

Amazon Wallet Balance UPI Transfer Launched

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