There is a new way to update friends and family on what is happening to your life. Using the internet, you can create a personal journal and share with people. This is called a web blog or blogging.

A blog is similar to a journal or diary where you can post your activities or thoughts on a regular basis.  Just like a diary this is solely maintained by you but the difference is that you can give access or allow people to read your blog or post comments on what you have written.

There are different types of blogs depending on the subject:

The most common type is a personal blog. Blogspot, WordPress and other blog sites make available spaces for personal blogs. Personal blogs are online diaries or journals. You can post anything on your blog including images and videos. People also make cultural blogs which cover topics about the arts, music, painting and culture in general. Most of these blogs are made for educational purposes. Niche blogs are also called topic blogs. These blogs focus on a specific subject like acne remedies, diet methods, etc. This type is usually created in support of a website which sells the product or service. Business related topics are covered by business blogs. This type of blog is used by people to update others about business and its environment. Good examples are the blogs about the stock market. Science blogs are made by those who want to inform others about a particular scientific field. Usually the blog is restricted since some information is sensitive or confidential. Blogs written by two or more people are called collaborative blogs. This type of blog is maintained by clubs or interest groups. Students have also found a use for blogging. This type of blog is similar to a cultural blog though the subject maybe about a particular course. When a discussion about certain topics is made though a blog this is called a forum blog. Using a blog for advertising purposes is called spam blog or splogs. This kind of blog advertises a product or service blatantly.

Anyone can make a blog especially that it is FREE. Let us discuss how to start a blog.

Choose a blog site service for which your blog will be published. You will then be asked to give your blog a title. Most blog site services allow you to choose a theme or style.  This will make your blog look interesting. There are blog site services that can make you set your publication for public or private view.  For private view blogs, only those given access usually through logins and passwords can read your postings. After making the aesthetics and access level for your site, you can publish your site. You can start posting to your blog.

Blogging has now become not only a hobby but has become an interaction point between people on a personal level. Business owners have found ways to use blogs to support their business as well.

Find a blog site service that you will be comfortable. Happy Blogging!

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