5 Ways To Jump Start Your Blog And Start Making Money With Blog

5 Ways To Jump Start Your Blog And Start Making Money With Blog

You created a blog now what?

If you want to make money with your blog you’re going to need traffic.

Traffic is the life of your blog. Visitors will visit your blog day after day, sometimes even multiple times throughout the day.

With millions of blogs online, the greatest challenge is generating traffic – getting those blog visitors to find your valuable and insightful content in the first place.

Even if you have the greatest blog on the planet with the latest information available for your readers to discover, they are not going to find your blog on the blogosphere unless you take specific steps in letting those visitors know that your blog exist.

There are a number of ways to quickly and easily generate a lot of traffic to your blog, but all traffic is not created equal – some traffic is free and some costs money.

A thorough traffic-generating campaign will ensure that the first visitors will see your blog and spend sometime there. But remember your content will keep them coming back again and again.

So, now let’s take a look at some of the easy and fast ways to jump start your blog and start making money with blog.

1.Submit your blog to search engines.

Submitting your blog’s URL to MSN’s is very simple.

All you have to do is go to MSN submission page type in the form the characters that you see in the picture – this helps to ensure that a person is submitting the URL and not the automated program. Then type in your URL of your blog in the form below and click submit. MSNBot follows links from your blog to find other pages on your site. It’s that easy.
– Yahoo

When you get to Yahoo submit your site page you’ll see various submission options. For the purpose of jump starting your blog to start making money with it you only need to submit your blog’s URL to Yahoo Search for free (first link on the page).

In order to submit your blog to Yahoo all you have to do is go to Yahoo’s site submission page and click the ‘submit your site for free’ link. When you click the link it will take you to the yahoo account page where you have to enter your Yahoo ID and password. If you don’t have an account with Yahoo just create one, its free.

After your enter your Yahoo ID and password you come to the page where you can submit your blog’s URL and your blog’s RSS Feed. After you submit the URL and the RSS Feed you’ll see a confirmation messages letting you know that the URL has been added to Yahoo list of URL to crawl. You’re done here.
– Google

Submitting URL to Google couldn’t’t be easier.
All you have to do is visit Google’s submission page and let Google bot know that you blog is ready to be crawled.

Enter your full blog’s URL including http:// prefix. You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your blog. These are used only for Google information and don’t affect how your blog is indexed or used by Google.

For more in depth submission process check out the resource box below.

2. Another great method that I have found that gets spiders quickly come to my new blog is to create 5 posts and pre-date them for the period of 1 month going back.

Let me show you how easy this is.

If you have a new blog you can predate your posts.

To predate your posts remove all pinging services located in the ‘options’ writing category in your WordPress admin area.

In each post use your blog’s main keyword in the title and the body of the post. Also add the main keyword separately on the line on the bottom of each post.

If your blog is new write first post and edit the timestamp back but not longer than one month. If your blog is on the domain that you have had for awhile you can predate posts for longer than a month.

The last post you make have it dated for today and before you make a post put all the pinging services to be contacted. Then publish your new post.

That’s all it is to it. This method allows you to notify pinging services that your blog has been updated and already has content created on it.

3. Submit your blog to blog directories

Blog directories organize and categorize the thousands of blogs listed in its database so readers can find your blog more easily.

Blog directories are generally free to add your blog to. Some blog directories require you to insert a small banner on your blog.

To get listed in a blog directories, visit them and submit your blog, accurately describing your blog. Make sure that you have an appealing benefit-oriented description about your blog that will entice visitors to come and read your blog and you make money with your blog as the result.

Check blog directories requirements for banners and be sure to add the link they generate for you – this will ensure you get credit if another blogger joins from your page.

Here’re a few of the more popular blog directories:
– Blogarama – Blogwise – Blog Catalog – GetBlogs – Globe of Blogs – LS Blogs

4. Next step you need to take in order to jump start your blog and start making money with your blog is to submit your blog to free web directories.

Web directory is a directory on the Internet. It contains links of multiple category websites, which makes searching more efficient and effective to its visitors looking for specific websites.

Also submitting your blog to web directories is a great way to get links to your blog for free. Top web directories have PR ranks of 5 and higher and your blog benefits greatly from having a link to your site from such a high PR ranked site.

To submit to web directories all you have to do is visit the web directory website, choose the category best described your blog and click the add a site link. Follow the instructions of the page. Web directories have various instructions for submitting the site so make sure you read them before hand.

Here’s the list of the top 7 web directories with high PRs.
– DMOZ – Librarian’s Internet Index (LII) – ExactSeek – SoMuch – AbiLogic – Pedster’s Planet – The SEO King – MPS – Most Popular Sites – LinkCentre – Jayde

5. And the last but not least way to jump start your blog and start making money with your blog is to advertise your blog on Pay-Per-Click search engines.

Using PPC advertising method is a really fast way to get traffic to your. You pay PPC search engines to list your blog in the paid listings section on their page and pages of their network partners.

Here’re some of the benefits of using paid listing for your blog:
– Paid listings allow your ads for your blog to appear instantly on the search engine result page. (When using Google AdWords program your ad will show up sometimes 20 minutes later after you submitted your listing to them for approval. Overture, MSN, Miva and others take anywhere between 2 to 10 days to get approved and showed on their search engine pages.
– Paid listings place your ad in prominent areas on the search engine page giving your ad a great exposure to potential prospects.
– Paid listings allow you to choose the keywords under which you want your ad to to show.
– Paid listings let you control how much you pay per click to your blog. (Word of caution here. Keep a close eye on the numbers when you just set up a campaign and make sure that your blog starts making money with traffic that you receive from paid listings otherwise you’ll be losing money pretty quick).

Here’s the list of the most popular and mostly used PPC programs. – Google – Yahoo (formerly Overture) – MSN Ad Center – GoClick – Miva – 7Search – Kanoodle – Mamma

Ok, that’s all for this article. I hope you learned something new and useful for you to start making some money with your blog.

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