@+[138558659573746:0] Facebook Profile/Page Hack

@+[138558659573746:0] Facebook Profile/Page Hack

We are seeing the following codes frequently on Facebook pages and profile. How this really works?


Now let me tell you how this thing really works…
These are not any codes. These are only your profile ID or profile ID of any Facebook page. So, easily you can create these type of code by any name, any words or any sentence.
But what is the profile ID? (see the image ! )

Yes, the red marked number in your profile page is the profile ID. But I think, in your profile page the number can’t be seen because you have changed your profile ID with your own name.

Here the number can’t be seen. Don’t worry ! You can find out this number in two ways.
1st : Click the Facebook profile picture of yours or any page. You will see some set of numbers in address/navigation bar. The last set of numbers is your desired number.

2nd : You can know the profile ID by writing graph. before your Facebook URL.
For example, https://graph.www.facebook.com/itechengine

“id”: “309899884145”,
“name”: “iTech Engine”,
“picture”: “http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/187988_309899884145_2691191_s.jpg”,
“link”: “https://www.www.facebook.com/iTechEngine”,
“likes”: 1330,
“category”: “Computers/internet”,
“website”: “https://techeggs.com/”,
“username”: “iTechEngine”,
“description”: “https://techeggs.com/Latest Technology Social Media Breaking News: Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. Reputation management, Cloud computing, Open Source, Content, Marketing, Advertising, Mobile web, SEO, Social Media, Online retail”,
“can_post”: true

Just, get Facebook profile ID by the help of above ways and adorn your profile ID in above form. That means give the same shape of @+[309899884145:0] this code to your profile ID. And tell anyone to paste it in any comment or any post and Tell also to delete the “+” sign.

For example : Try this code @+[309899884145:0]
The output will be iTechEngine

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