10 Reasons Not to Buy Aakash tablet

10 Reasons Not to Buy Aakash tablet

Pricing: For those who think that Aakash comes at an astonishing low price-is really cheap, here are some figures:

Tablet cost – Rs 2500
Shipping cost – Rs. 200
A 4GB or 8GB MicroSD card – Rs 500 to Rs 800
No earphones given, purchase one – At least Rs. 400

Total: Rs 4000

Faulty Processor
Low memory + short storage = no entertainment
Low battery, 2100 mAh
Poor display, reflects light
Touchscreen is resistive, but too resistive
Heating up quickly
No Bluetooth support
No Android Market, no application upgrade
Hardware won’t support upgrades
Wi-Fi connectivity and poor network in India
No external speakers

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