Windows 11 – How to bypass the TPM check

Windows 11 Hero

You can Bypass that, while setup, open Command prompt, type Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > Setup, create a new folder in setup, name it as ” LabConfig “, now in LabConfig, create 2 DWORD 32-bit Values with the name “BypassTPMCheck” & “BypassSecureBootCheck” respectively & case-sensitive, and change their Hexadecimal Value to 1, and you are good to go…

NOTE: – I am not responsible for any problems occurring if you follow the above actions, you will be doing that at your own risk, and it may not work in future and I personally don’t support the above action, you can try that in a Virtual Machine but don’t take a risk with your real PC, as even a single a mistake can ruin your whole PC.


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