[utforma] 1.0

Six channel audio manipulator, with 64 step sequencer, and recording of automation of effects.
[utforma] 1.0
About [utforma]
A standalone, six channel audio manipulator, for hardware synths, audio inserts, and anything else that can carry a signal. used to create and design new sounds to expand and bring a new life to music and sound. all while doing it on-the-fly. unlike [hantera], this is more intuitive, with better effects and reworked effects that may make this just as addictive as any other application.

effects and features included in [utforma]:

– six channel manipulation.

– six effects with mix controls for each channel.

– updated filter control.

– improved ring modulation.

– improved degrade.

– granular sampling. [new feature]

– improved stereo delay, with flanger.

– stereo reverb.

– improved audio input/output selection.

– many more features.

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