Use Another Service Provider – Unlock Airtel BlackBerry Mobile Phones

Use Another Service Provider – Unlock Airtel BlackBerry Mobile Phones

BlackBerry phones from Airtel are SIM locked to Airtel Network, and no other operator’s SIM will work on these devices. But you can still unlock BlackBerry using this procedure.

There are two methods to achieve this task…

1) Call 7070 from your Airtel Phone

2) Send an email to [email protected]

I tried first method to get my device unlocked but later thought I could have just send an email to get it done… 🙂

Process when you call 7070 : –

CC executive will ask you for your Mobile number, billing address or Data plan details for verification purpose.

Reason for the unlock – “I am not satisfied with the services and do not get good signal in my area” However you can be more creative about this. Like you are traveling to another city where you don’t want to pay the heavy roaming charges and will be using a prepaid SIM card or another excuse is that Airtel network is not present in that area.

They would require Vendor ID (in this case it is 149). Press Alt+Shift(Num)+H to get the vendor ID

PIN and IMEI will be asked by the CC, In my case this is not asked (Surprise 😉 ) Go to Menu – Options – Status for the details. Alternate method to get the details is “Remove the Battery and check on the Sticker”

CC asked me my email address and alternate contact number.

Airtel support will then send you the unlock code (Blackberry password) along with the simple unlock procedure for Blackberry. I am not sure how they will provide me the unlock code without PIN and IMEI, Waiting for the email…..

Now As you know what exact is the requirement of the CC; Next time I will try second method of sending an email with all these details… 🙂


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