Top Ten Antivirus Software – TopTenREVIEWS

Top Ten Antivirus Software – TopTenREVIEWS

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  1. avast is not in the list??

  2. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  3. Reply
    Leatherfaceisthebest January 10, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    yup bitdefender is the best;)

  4. Damn that is a horrible thing to say

  5. oh look… shithole norton’s not in the top 10. bahahahahahahahaha

  6. go kaspersky. it’s the best and catches trashy shit before it even get into your pc. i always go by the reviews and ratings. plus i’ve used kaspersky and loved it. i use to used norton and and i send them a horrible feedback on how crap their product was. kaspersky is cheaper to

  7. thanks my mother is dead

  8. Do you go around YT telling ppl to “Shut the fuck up” just to see if you can get some kind of negative reaction from them? It’s so obvious that that is what you’re doing. If you weren’t, you would have noticed the “?” I added at the end of my sentence. Meaning, I was questioning this so-called “review.” You must be in need of some attention. Dayum, and on New Year’s Eve, too. So sad.

  9. Fuck You, I Will Fuck Your Mom, ESET is the Shit and if You Dont think So Suck my Dick Faggot, What Do You Like? Norton or Panda? Go Die in a Well Bitch

  10. Man Shut the Fuck Up, ESET For the Win

  11. i have kaspersky internet security and its the best believe me 😉

  12. Kaspersky FTW!

  13. what antivirus should one of you guys suggest? my parents made a mistake by using norton because it didn’t catch jackshit and now my main compt is infected with some wormx shit

  14. lol so dose kaspersky 😛
    but what make it good it the anti virus part

  15. Here is my top 10:
    6-bit defender
    4-Webroot anti virus
    2-windows defender(LOL)
    1-eset nod32

  16. i don’t think that webtoot is better ,, ESET antivirus is so strong and the best

  17. norton is a piece of shit it makes your computer slow as a turtle

  18. how about norton 360

  19. Vipre Owns them all you fucking mental moron.

  20. Webroot better than ESET? OK, what? *Confused face*

  21. This is bullshit -.-

  22. ESET! and AVAST!!

  23. Eset Nod32, kaspersky & Avast Pro..

    three antivirus is the best

  24. Eset smart security the best of all…

  25. Norton fking delted some so called useless files and i couldnt even open up my internet…

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