The source code for Symbian ^ 3 has been leaked

The source code for Symbian ^ 3 has been leaked

The full sourcecode for Symbian^3 has been released, unofficially, together with the bootloader for Nokia devices running the OS, opening the door to other platforms being installed on the company’s phones. The source, shared at DailyMobile, means that enterprising hackers could eventually install Android, Windows Phone 7 or other platforms onto Nokia hardware.


Guys today i post the full sourcecode of symbian^3
I hope it will be useful to modders to be able to create new mod and finally unlock the bootloader or change the system clock.


This Source code have done too much fuss,and nokia want to remove the access to database at some developer,so for now i delete all the file hoping to calm the waters.
If some modder need this source for make a mod,just ask me via P.M. o via email.

For modder please delete this topic

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  1. Please could u send the source code to

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