The Relaunch of a Promotional Products Company, Gadget Pens the Business Gifts People

The Relaunch of a Promotional Products Company, Gadget Pens the Business Gifts People

Gadget Pens, Challenging the Concept of the Pen

In today business climate promotional gifts companies need to evolve to meet the requirements of cost conscious clients with reduced marketing budgets. Gadget Pens, a long standing player in the UK’s promotional products industry, recognise this and have employed a long range business strategy to meet our present and future clients needs.

Through careful research and market analysis we are able to construct affordable marketing product proposals for our clients which offer considerable savings against their current promotional spend without the need to compromise the quality of the product.

Our range of promotional gifts is sourced from long standing suppliers throughout the UK and Europe who we have built great relationships with over our many years in business. These business partnerships have allowed us to drive down the price bands of many of our key promotional gifts including promotional pens, umbrellas, logobugs, mugs, keyrings and many more key products.

We have also spent a great deal of time looking into what our competitors are changing for the most popular promotional items in the industry and have changed our pricing structure accordingly to ensure client savings across the board. With all the changes we have made to our business and an ongoing strategy to improve the already high service levels of service our customers have come to expect from us there has never been a better time to get your brand out there with a great promotional gift from Gadget Pens.

So what are you waiting for visit today and see how much your company or organisation could be saving on the next promotional initiative, alternativly call 0114 2424004 to speak to one of our dedicated team.

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