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The Moron Test


Genre: Entertainment

Price: $0.99

Release Date: April 21, 2009

Are you a complete idiot? What about your friends, coworkers, and family? Buy The Moron Test now and find out! Point and laugh at everyone when they get stumped! See what USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Wired, and MobileCrunch are talking about!

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– Simple, addicting gameplay
– Three full sections featuring over 300 steps
– Play through dozens of question types
– 7 levels ranging from Moron to Genius
– Fun characters, sound effects, and music
– Checkpoints and continues in each section
– Brag on Facebook by sharing your best score
– You will LOVE watching your friends fail!
– More sections coming soon!


– Old School (100+ steps!)
– Late Registration (100+ steps!)
– Winter Break (100+ steps!)
– More to come!

What the world is saying about The Moron Test:

USA Today says: "Addictive iPhone App" "This clever game is also fun to pass to friends…" readers voted The Moron Test the #2 Favorite App of 2009! "Fun stuff…" says: "Unlike any other 'think dumber kind of tests', The Moron Test questions are actual trick questions which doesn’t require someone to be dumb, but rather smart, quick and alert." says: “This scientifically proven collection of tests is guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding without fail! If you even DARE to utter the words ‘I can do the whole test without making a mistake the first time’, I laugh in your face!” says: “…highly addictive time waster…” “…for a half hour of my life nothing else in the world mattered.”

SuzieQTv: “Very unique, graphics are great, the audio is tremendous!” (10/10 Stars)

User Ratings:

5/5 Stars – "Perfect app for friends and family"

5/5 Stars – "The last question is amazing!!! Very creative."

5/5 Stars – "Very Entertaining… It's one of a kind and always fun to share with new people!!!"

You'll kick yourself when you fail to follow these simple instructions! Master the test, then share it with your friends! The Moron Test – the one and only "reverse-IQ" test!

Listen up! There's a hidden sound somewhere in the game. Can you find it?

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