Surf internet for free – MTS MBlaze

Surf internet for free – MTS MBlaze
MTS, A mobile telephony provider of the Sistema Shyam group, has launched a new prepaid service called Mblaze, which will allow users to surf a few websites for free. Mblaze charges users 10 paisa per MB and comes with the speed of up to 3.1 MBPS. 

Sistema Shyam Teleservices’ mobile telephony arm MTS has launched its prepaid service, MBlaze, through which users can surf a few websites for free. Users can recharge Mblaze through retailers or online. They can freely access sites such as yahoo, wikipedia, makemytrip and many more.

MBlaze service will be accessible in Delhi – NCR, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Durgapur and Siliguri in West Bengal, Patna in Bihar, Gangtok in Sikkim, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy in Tamil Nadu, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvanathapuram, in Kerala and Mysore, Mangalore, Bengaluru and Belgaum in Karnataka.
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  1. it’s speed sucks only it gives 9kbps downloading speed instead of 3.1mbps it gives only 50kbps using mblaze is too bad. don’t go for mblaze

    • mts speed depends on the plan that u are in…if u want more speed recharge with 999 ull get 300kbps download speed…if u recharge other than it ull get upto 100kbps max..
      bcoz im using it since 4 mnths i came to know

    • hey it is not that much 9kbps mine works good at 200kbps

      • ya i get a speed of around 250-300kbps. but how 2 use it for free. sombody pls help me out

        • hey aakash how do u get 250&300 speed…
          reply me

        • but how? plese give me advice about this..

        • i fucked mts,i downloaded more than 60 GB in 4 days, with speed of 10 mbps,most i downloaded was Naruto shippuden n some Hollywood movies i made a hacking software,it is one of the best hacking software 4 any kinda modem,u would ever see,

          this is really a great deal, i actually make software’s 4 hacking n stuff

          if u guys need my help, then contact me

        • i want this tell me please

        • tere ghar me maa bhen hai ya nahi bakwas fekta hai jake dub mar saale mere yaha 20 kbps muskil se pahuchta hai aur tu 10 mbps ka baat karta hai suggestion dene se pehle soch liya kar kabhi internet chalaya ya nahi

        • abe mai 24 MBps me karta hu tera software outdated hai.if u really want this software then contact me as soon as possible otherwise it’ll be no more available from me. I think u are very interested to know how could this be possible but u really believe it is . I’ve;one frnd of mine who is working in MTS Broadband and he provided me this software .

        • abhimanyu plz send me mts mblaze setting……………

        • plz help if anyone know the free internet setting of email id is

        • Hi everyone
          Everybody can use mts for freeeee……?????????
          But it is not in our hand…….(_)
          when mts is free….?
          If any company massage is come during using mts then you can access free unlimited downloading and browsing with 3mb/s speed till restart your computer.
          so wait any massage of mts company and when it is come don’t restart your computer till downloading not complete.
          I have one another idea but it work some time that is if any massage is come from mts then
          access free unlimited downloading and browsing and don’t shutdown or restart your computer that time just Hibernate your system every time .
          *****GOOD LUCK*****

        • 1 st mts has only hundred mbps of backbone network which can take only say some 95 people with gurenteed 3.1mbps speed,keeping in mind 1.8 mbps upload bandwidth each user will take 5 mbps speed from its backbone network so speed of mts mblaze is sure to be of sucking type. 2 nd point evdo is not rohs certified technology so can neaver go to its peak speed or around it so, i will recommend umts, hspa, hsupa with networks which are and certified networks
          currently bsnl/mtnl is only providing 3G servises and they have 2.5k GBPS backbone network for each telecom circle plus they give u full unlimited for 1499 so go for bsnl/mtnl dont thik they are govt companies and wont provide good services govt companies are for wellfare of their people use bsnl/mtnl just go and recharge your 3G sim with 1499 and enjoy for more tarrif plans visit of for mtnl go for mumbai mtnl and for delhi mtnl go to just recharge and have fun

        • well said rohan,
          i agree with u..mts sucks big time since i have it from 3 months and at peak times i only get 3 or 4 kbps and very rarely i get a speed nearly 300 kpbs..soon i will go to bsnl.

  2. this is not a good broadband service.\
    don’t go for it

  3. i have some intresting tricks to hack mblaze server hack to free surf & downloading up to 2mbps is my orkut account

  4. The most worst internet service in the whole damn India is now Mblaze.. Only fake offers and much hidden costs. Not at all a good speed, And is whole a bunch of fake-works. Its unbelievable that it gives a speed of 47.9kbps at a metropolitian city like Kolkata no matter that its day or night. Guys don’t go for Mts Mblaze. or u will become more than a Jack-Ass…

  5. Really I am telling very poor network..Pls Dont go fot it..I cant able atleat login my yahoomail…that much slow…Fuck & Suck MTS customer care toooo…

  6. No guys in Amravati my mts speed downloading speed is up to 2 mbps

    Please check your coverage Area.

  7. MBlaze is the best till now for me, in day, I am getting downloading speed upto 200KBps and at night it gives me 300KBps dwnldng spd, and with a rchrge of 999Unlimited pack, its so easy to use…. Atleast btr than others

  8. Hai guys Mts mblaze is great.First i use mts mblaze premium modem i get only a downloading 70-155 kbps.But my premium modem was lost.After that i buy a new MTS standard modem it is awesome now i got a good downloading speed of 113-508 kbps.MTS MBLAZE standard modem is great and awesome.Go for mblaze go for Mblaze standard modem.

  9. i have been cheated by me too get free internet.

    • how u have been cheated? If in case speed check ur area for network or ask them for demo, since i have been using blaze in mumbai it gives me average 500-1500kbps with greate plans.

  10. Sale madarchod Hai MTS wale… Sale INDIA ko lut rahe hai !!…Harami Sale…!!!….Its Fake Clame of 3.1 mb/s …..Kutre Sale!!!..

  11. when there is no other broadband provider here Im very happy with MTS blaze its giving good speed even at small town like mine.
    tata photon using same towers as MTS but tata photon is pathetic in network coverage and overall performance.

  12. mts mblaze who is hell is this mts ?
    bloddy sucker

  13. f*******kkkking nerds… MTS is giving great Performance in my city… wid a dwnld speed of 500 to 6oo kb/s… smtimes it even gtz over 3.1 mb p/s… so dnt b an asshole by criticizing it…

  14. Can any1 tell me how to use free internet in mts pls…

  15. hi, guys i have my MTS mbladge this is CDMA network drive
    pleade give me that free surf & downloading setting
    any guys U know setting
    please sent me at my gmail id is:

    thanks guys:

  16. Fuck you all who are spamming & saying tou like mts & its the best service, you losers should realize that you will make ten others buy this infected loser service.

    People I am posting here, Just to warn you you , dont buy it, MTS is EXPLAINED FURTHER is bull shit, CUSTOMER service wont have an answer if you face any trouble, more over IT’s big fucking lie MTS or (mcfagget Testical service) fools people by enforcing limitation on the service, after the limitation you wont be able to use the service again

    FUCK you MTS (mcfagget Testical service)

  17. Checkout at Noida Sec 42, 41, 18, 27, 26, 15, 16, 2, 1 speeds are terrific……………………. I get 150 KBPS @ second half of the day and @ Night 250KBPS and sometimes above 290KBPS………………

  18. hey i get speed upto 2mbps in bikaner its the best

  19. guyz..can u pls help me to get free surfing and downloading for free…………..
    my email

  20. i want to unlock my m blaze

  21. worst service……..they told u will get upto 140kbps after using 12gb in unlimited plan. but i have used 6gb only and geting below 20kbps..idiots nonscens mts people frauded me.

  22. hey.. my mts gives a speed of approx 2700 and a good speed every time.

  23. Hi, friends I am also mts user from last 8 months, It’s the poorest service in the whole world. When you get a new one it will work fine and will give you speeds upto 400 kbps , but after 2 to 3 months it’s speed will go on decreasing and a you will get a red light in your modem instead of green. so don’t go for it. it’s only shit.

  24. After using the MTS for last one week here is my feedback..

    19th june the dealer:( mr anrindam day) show the demo in my house it gives me 90 to 100 kbps.. I was very happy to see that decided to go for MTS.. I bought the MTS stranded modem the same day.

    The dealer said I always need to set it to broadband mode so I did it. the first day I got 20kbpc in birati area( tower shows full) at 7pm and till midnight it was same ..
    the 2nd day morning for 30 min it gives me 70 kbpc and after that throughout the day I was 20 to 30 kbpc to different part of kolkata.. I tested near dumdum airport, salt lake sec-5 area, rajarhat.. all same.. I made a complain the same day to MTS customer care.. I received a call the very next day from them , I describe the issues to that guy and wow he said ” server pe pani gir gaya thats why slow hai” lol..

    very bad experience and its force me to believe that wireless connection cannot be good..\
    I may through the USB MODEM and continue use alliance broadband which always gives me 70 kbpc fixed ..

    My final verdict is if you buy MTS please check your coverage area and purpose .. If u upto just checking emails then u can go mfor it.. but if you are for movide, music or any kind of download then NEVER BUY MTS..

    I am Suman Das,

  25. I forgot to mention on my previous post.. my complain number is JUN-439303

  26. how can i get free data from MTS MBlaze (Huiwei)

    thanking you

  27. I’m Having problems while installing the MTS MBlaze Driver to my Sony Vaio with Windows 7 64bit operating system. During the initial stage of installation, the installer stops working and some how it got installed, now when I’m trying to open the application an application error is showing (0xe06d7363). Help me Please how to handle this..

  28. hey friends i m using mts mblaze in lucknow and i stay near airport(3km away from my house) and mblaze is working very gud for me i got about 270-315kbps every time and the minimum speed is 170kbps.and and during the 1x speed i got about 17-35kbps downloading speed m very happy and satisfied with mts.

  29. mine going well with 999 pack…downloading at 100-200KBps …..but after 12gb (fup) it sucks…from vizag andhrapradesh…signal is gud…

  30. hello guys…mts wale bhen ke lode h…sirf 5gb tak speed sai ati wo bi highest 90kbps….uske baad maachud jati h mts ki….mere yaha aye the check karne conplain kii thii mein…………

    maa ki chut wo kal hi nai aya aaj takkk……………….

  31. bhangar ahe mts

  32. hi, friends
    jab tak fixed data ke andar rahte h to 150-200 ati rahti h its releaving but data complete hone k baad 6 -11kbps hi rahti h

    promise to dono jagha tod rahe h mts wale

    i m requesting the comenters kindly mention ,that they are within the data limit or out of data limit.please dont get excited in the first week of your m blage experience ‘cauz you are goin to curse it even in your dream in the future time.

    jan hit mai jari



  33. Hi Friends,

    I have seen that you guys are facing bad speed problems with MTS Datacard. I have few valuable suggestions for you:

    i) Before purchasing of this product tell them for free live demo for speed check at your location.

    ii) Enquire for MTS tower coverage at your location

    iii) Always purchase 999 OR more then that monthly plan. If you purchase below this you will always cry for sure.

    I am using this card from last three months and satisfied. Good Luck.

  34. MTS Mblaze is the best usb modem I’ve ever seen! The major misunderstanding is the 3.1MBPS Factor. Actually it is 3.1 MegaBITS per second not 3.1 MegaBYTES per second. So the max speed u can expect is 396 Kb/s at 100% signal strength. Also the company doesn’t mention full 3.1MBPS speed. They say UPTO 3.1MBPS and thats the business!

  35. plz help me, if anyone know the free internet setting of email id is

  36. sir you will be send a new letest tricks for mts deta card

  37. sir any bodt pls help me , how will browse without rescharge of mts mblaze modem. if any body knows send details to my mail id:

  38. The speed of the modem depend upon the usage of data.
    e.g. if you have recharged it for Rs.1000 it says that unlimited usage & it also works fine & gives a speed of max 2.2 Mbps but after using 4gb data it becomes slow & gives just 50-130 Mbps. This is the disadvantage of this modem.So i become bored after using this. I am using this from last year.

  39. bhaiyooo plzzz agar jisiko mts ka unlimited data downloading wale setting pata hai tho mujhei email kare plzzzz ………….. mei

  40. download it from here ( Hack software) use it and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  43. saala mts madarchod hai saale pahle to 3.1 mbps ke connection mai 10kbps ka hi speed deta hai saala ye le kar to phash gaya saale mts waalo tum madarchod hoooo

  44. i have mts mblaze hack unlimited download without recharga

    to know.. contact me….

  45. only for kolkata , west bengal customer

  46. i want to rape the owner of mts. someone give me his address.

  47. garib adami k liye kuch sasta plan hai mera to jaan nikal deta hai mts na speed hai na jada data deta hai downloading k liye

  48. ye compney bevkuf banati rechage ke liye mts ke camche ke call aa te hai jab rechrge hota hai tab speed nahi aati is liye recharge aab me nahi karunga ye mts ke mere gruop me 10se 15 dongale hai wo sab bhandh ho jaige aab kabhi mts koi chamche ka call aayiga rechrge ke liye to gali sunega very bad slow service mts tumare simbol egg hai isliye tum bhi ek type ke safed unde hoooo

  49. Agar aap ke sath mts ne chit ki gai hai to aap abhi koi bhi radio ya news repotar ke pass jakar ye samsya batiye bad mts ke tatu dodte ho jaige mts speed deta nahi hai jise log deta ki.lalach me aa.kar kharid le te hai phir 399 ka recharge karte hai tabhi speed nahi aati or unke call sentar wale tatu humko bevkuf batete hai. Fb pe ja kar coment kariye or sher.kariye tab.pata.chalega mts frod compney it s chip compney very poor speed. I dongle mts. . Agar koi leta hoga usko mana karduga.mat lena fas jayega. Hum ko all.redy exprince hooo chuka hai. Ek dam bhagar speed. Agar mts ke paas speed ke liye netwark nahi hai to fir bhikh magoo

  50. sale teri email galat hai

  51. help to improve my internet speed for mts
    send tht modem hack tool
    to my mail

  52. if u ‘ve any such software mail to me
    my mts speed just 144 kbps instead of 3.1 mbps

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