Pam wrote: > I installed SP3 and now it tells me that my computer wont start > properly and that I have to open it in safe mode to get it to work....
Pam wrote:
> I installed SP3 and now it tells me that my computer wont start
> properly and that I have to open it in safe mode to get it to work.
> I uninstalled SP3 and now everything is working fine.


Thanks for letting everyone know your experience with Windows 2000 SP3 –
although I suggest trying SP4 and the update roll up.

Or Office XP SP3… Or any of the various other SP3s out there that might
be brought up here.

Or did you have a question you wanted to (but didn’t) ask?

In the future – be very specific in your details. Only you can see your
system, know what you did, etc. What service pack 3 are you speaking of –
or should we assume? What operating system do you have now? What service
pack level is that operating system? What is your system (hardware,
make/model)? Did you try anything to resolve your issue other than posting
here? Any searches for answers, found anything that sounds like your
problem, etc?

So – here is where the assumptions come in – albeit educated assumptions.

You have Windows XP SP1a or above, 32-bit and you attempted to install
Service Pack 3 for Windows XP onto that system. You may or may not have
antivirus software that runs in the background, you may or may not have
antimalware software that runs resident on your computer, you may or may not
have current backups of your entire system or at least the stuff important
to you (documents, pictures, music, contacts, emails, Internet bookmarks,

If that is the case…

First – before anything else – answer this:

Do you have an HP branded computer with an AMD processor?
(If so – answer and wait. If not, answer and continue with the steps.)

Fix your file/registry permissions…

Ignore the title and follow the sub-section under "Advanced Troubleshooting"
titled, "Method 1: Reset the registry and the file permissions"
*will take time
(** Ignore the last step – you’ll install SP3 shortly, but not now.)

Reboot and …

Download/install this:

After installing, do the following:

Start button –> RUN –> type in:
"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Installer Clean Up\msizap.exe" g!
–> Click OK.
(The quotation marks and percentage signs and spacing should be exact.)

Download, install, run, update and perform a full scan (separately) with the
following two applications (freeware versions are the ones to use for this):



After performing a full scan with one and then the other and removing
whatever they both find completely, you may uninstall these products,
if you wish.

Download and run the MSRT manually:


Download/Install the latest Windows Installer (for your OS):
( Windows XP 32-bit : WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe )



Download the latest version of the Windows Update agent from here (x86):
…. and save it to the root of your C:\ drive. After saving it to the root
of the C:\ drive, do the following:

Close all Internet Explorer windows and other applications.

Start button –> RUN and type in:
%SystemDrive%\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /WUFORCE
–> Click OK.

(If asked, select "Run.) –> Click on NEXT –> Select "I agree" and click on
NEXT –> When it finishes installing, click on "Finish"…


Then follow the instructions here:

How do I reset Windows Update components?


Now for SP3…

1) Download the full SP3 installation file.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for
IT Professionals and Developers (works just as well for you.)

You are just saving it right now – not running it yet.

2) Ensure (as well as plausible) you have no spyware/malware by doing a full
scan with SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes. If you are following
along, you have already done this!

How to scan your disks for errors
* will take time and a reboot

4) Defragment
How to Defragment your hard drives
* will take time

5) Ensure your hardware drivers are up to date (from the hardware
manufacturer’s respective web pages.) Never get hardware drivers
for hardware that was not created/sold by Microsoft from Microsoft.

6) Reboot right before you try to install SP3.

7) Disconnect from the internet before installing (physically disconnect –
pull the network cable or disable the router/modem.)

8) Disable your antivirus and antispyware applications when you are about to
install SP3. Usually right-click on the icon in the taskbar gives you
a choice to do so.

Install SP3 by running the downloaded executable. Reboot when requested to
do so. Logon and let the machine ‘settle’ for about 10 minutes. Reboot.
Give it 5 minutes after logon to ‘settle’ – reboot.

After that – there will be more updates.

Log on as an user with administrative rights and open Internet Explorer
and visit http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ and select to do a
CUSTOM scan…

Every time you are about to click on something while at these web pages –
first press and hold down the CTRL key while you click on it. You can
release the CTRL key after clicking each time.

Once the scan is done, select just _ONE_ of the high priority updates
(deselect any others) and install it.

Reboot again.

If it did work – try the web page again – selecting no more than 3-5 at a
time. Rebooting as needed.

The Optional Software updates are generally safe – although I recommend
against the "Windows Search" one and any of the "Office Live" ones or
"Windows Live" ones for now. I would completely avoid the
Optional Hardware updates. Also – I do not see any urgent need to install
Internet Explorer 8 at this time.

Seriously – do all that. This is like antibiotics – don’t skip a single
step, don’t quit because you think things will be okay now – go through
until the end, until you have done everything given in the order given. If
you have a problem with a step come ask and let someone here get you
through that step. If you don’t understand how to do a step, come back and
ask here about that step and let someone walk you through it.

Then – when done – let everyone here know if it worked for you – or if you
have more issues.

Shenan Stanley

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