hacked, one million user accounts compromised hacked, one million user accounts compromised

Hacker group LulzSec is claiming to have successfully hacked Once access had been gained they managed to compromise the details of 1 million user accounts including passwords, e-mail addresses, full home addresses, and date of birth.

On top of that, Sony Pictures accounts also have a number of opt-in features that contain further information about each user depending on what each signs up for. LulzSec state all of that detail was available to them. They also managed to get the details of all admin accounts for the website.

The pain for Sony doesn’t stop there, though. 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million music coupons are thought to have been taken. We believe these are codes that allow you to purchase Sony music tracks at a discounted price, or in some cases even for free.

LulzSec have released a sample zip file containing just a small number of records and details they manage to gain access to. We can confirm it does indeed include detailed information on users as well as the coupons and codes.

The most damning thing revealed by this hack is the fact that Sony stored all the Sony Pictures account passwords in plain text. No encryption means no work for the hackers, beyond gaining access to the server.

This is sure to cause yet more upset for Sony in the press and with users. It also means they have millions of codes to mark as unusable on their system asap.

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