Sony Ericsson Mobile phone remote that can be worn on the wrist

Sony Ericsson Mobile phone remote that can be worn on the wrist

London: Sony Ericsson has launched a new watch-sized device that enables you control your smartphone remotely, without taking it out of your bag.

The tiny gadget can be worn as a watch, on a keychain or clipped to a laptop, the firm claims.

The LiveView micro display is designed to sync wirelessly with any mobile phone and lets you take calls and e-mail and control your music player.

The gadget is designed to work with Google‘s open platform Android software which means it won’t work with the iPhone or even Sony Ericsson‘s own high-end Xperia smartphone.

It even comes with a ‘Find my Phone’ feature that helps locate your missing Android device, the Daily Mail reported.

Some gadget experts have said that the innovative device is what Apple should have done with its latest iPod Nano, which some users have taken to wearing on their wrists.

The LiveView is smaller than an iPod Nano at 1.3 inches, with a colour 128×128 pixel OLED display and with a watchband mount.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView also links to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

And it allows the user to control the Sony Ericsson music features of the handset from the micro display, selecting tracks and controlling the volume.

Luke Peters, the editor of T3 technology magazine, said LiveView seemed to be slightly out of step with current gadget trends.

“When the tech world is pushing towards one-device-does-all convergence, this seems to rally against that notion,” he added.

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