SonicMood 4.9.7

Plays a soothing background of melodic sounds when you don’t want ordinary canned music breaking your concentration.
SonicMood 4.9.7
About SonicMood
Creates a soothing background of melodic tones to lower your stress and help you relax. Each “Mood” is a blend of polyphonic stereo instrumentals with pleasing harmonies combined with the sounds of nature. Moods have a mellowing effect, the gentle sounds lying just below your consciousness. SonicMood comes with 32 pre-defined Moods AND you can create your own! It’s ambient music at its best! The 32 Moods use a mix of different instruments, including bells, crystals, kalimbas, glockenspiels, violins, and many others. Audio files of nature sounds are added to each mood. You can create your own moods or edit the existing moods. You won’t find anything like this in conventional music…
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