Somethng To Blog About

Somethng To Blog About

Have you ever felt lost for words and pondered what topics to discuss on your blog site? Well, instead of feeling confused, your time could be spent on improving your writing skills. The best way to get rolling again is to focus on your blog headlines. Concentrate on creating a headline formula and do some research. Learn how to create headlines that make people want to click on your blog site.

Do this project on a weekly basis and before long, you will have created plenty of ideas for your headlines and therefore, articles to discuss on your blog. Surf the internet for information and read books on how to write great headlines.

Build a keyword file and list keywords that are related to your blog site. Write a headline and include a few of your keywords. Next, use your keywords throughout your article. For instance, the word “blog” is included in the headline of this article. The first paragraph shows the word “blog” three times, and the second paragraph shows the word “blog” once. Count how many times you see the word “blog” in the next paragraph. Okay, you’re starting to get the idea.

Now, before you get carried away including keywords throughout your articles, make sure you are showing top-ranking keywords. We used Wordtracker – a free keyword tool, to search for the word “blog” and their reports show an estimated total of 1,775 daily searches.

Don’t forget to include top-ranking keywords in your “tags” and “meta-tag” for each article that you write and submit your articles to search engines. This simple step will help boost the ranking and traffic to your blog site.

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