Registry Edits Tips and Tricks for Windows XP

Registry Edits Tips and Tricks for Windows XP
1. Add XP TweakUI Icon to the Control Panel
2. Increase Folder View Size Limit to 8000
3. Restore Missing Toolbars EXE or VBS
4. Repairs the Icon View
5. Restore Safely Remove Hardware Icon
6.   Restore System Default Sounds
7.   Increase Balloon Tip Display Time
8.   Release/Renew Bat File
9.   Disable the Windows Logo Keys
10. Enable CD AutoPlay for Pro
11. Enable/Disable Balloon Tips or Disable All
12. EXE (lnk and regfile) Fix for Windows XP
13. Disable “No Computers Near Me”
14. Uninstall/Reinstall NetMeeting
15. Remove Common Tasks from the Desktop
16. Active Desktop – Enable or Disable
17. Restore AutoPlay Icon
18. Add Google as Primary SearchUndo
19. Add Outlook Express as Default Client
20. Restore IE Desktop Shortcut Icon Functions
21. Disable System Beeps
22. Hide Users on Welcome Screen – Unhide
23. Run Startup Programs from the CMD Prompt
24. Remove File/Edit/View….  Restore 
25. Prompt for Password on ResumeUndo
26. Add Command Line to the Right Click
27. Secure DesktopUndo
28. Control Panel Icons are Missing
29. Run Command – Reinstalling Internet Explorer
30. Windows XP Doesn’t Save User Settings
31. Windows XP Startup – Boot Performance
32. KeepRas Connection (FUS) Exe or Reg
33. Remove Toolbars from Taskbar Right Click
34. Restore Fast User Switching
31. Windows XP Startup – Boot Performance
32. KeepRas Connection (FUS) Exe or Reg
33. Remove Toolbars from Taskbar Right Click
34. Restore Fast User Switching
35. Creates copies of REGEDIT, MSCONFIG and Task Manager
36. Recover and Restore Deleted Files
37. Clear Form Fields in AutoComplete
38. Set Auto Disconnect Back to Default
39. AutoRuns – All Programs Running Boot/Login
40. Enhance CMD Quick Edit Options
41. Disable the Indexing Service (cisvc.exe)
42. Hide the Common Dialog Places Bar
43. Hide the Display List of Recent Files
44. Add Switch User to the Start Button & RC
45. Add Copy To/Move To (Right Click)Undo
46. Content Advisor On (Place in Startup Folder)
47. Regedit – Save to Favorites
48. Disable Windows Installer Rollback
49. Old Style Search Engine On or Off
50. Clear History of Typed URL’s
51. ScreenSaver Disable/Enable or Tab Missing
52. Shutdown.Exe – Andrej Budja
53. Remove Past Items From Notification Area
54. Restore Admin Tools (.msc)
55. Restore Recent Documents, My Documents
56. Remove Files Stored on this Computer Undo
57. Restore winhlp32.exe for XP or XPSP1
58. Recovery Console Fix for XP SP1
59. Disable Messenger in Outlook Express
60. Email Page – IE (right click) w/ Clickable Link
61. Change Provided By in IE
62. Disable the Desktop Cleanup Wizard Undo
63. Home Page Lock Home Page Unlock
64. Reset OE for Send To , Mail To , Send Mail
65. Disable Low Disk Space Message
66. Error 1606 … Access Network Location
67. Run Scheduled Tasks w/o PW HomeUndo
68. Set Volume Per Program/Application
69. Reuse Same Window Internet ExplorerUndo
70. Search is Missing from the Start MenuTo remove
71. Speed up Moving or Copying Zip Files
72. Enable/Disable Desktop Icons
73. Enable or Disable Personalized Menus – Start
74. AVI Search RemoveRestore
75. Search Shows Yellow Triangle with !
76. Power Off or Reboot After Shutdown
77. Disable “Log on using dial-up connection”
78. Common Tasks View – Disable or Enable
79. Speedup Browsing (Explorer and IE)  Undo
80. Disable or Restore Picture and Fax Viewer
81. Increase Slide Show Timeout
82. Disable or Enable Check Disk Upon Boot
83. Change File Time Created/Modified/Accessed
84. Restore Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr)
85. Set Detail View for all Folders Open/Save As
86. Taskbar Grouping by # or Least , Most Used
87. Dial-up Modem or PPPoE is Unavailable
88. Set Default Web Browser in Windows
89. Easy Log Off, Shutdown or Lock
90. Expand ReadMe.Txt Zip Files w/o Opening
91. Disable or Enable AutoDial
92. Show Full URL Path links in IE Status Bar
93. Logon Using a Dial-Up Connection Prompt
94. Windows Installer Fix – Winnt for Windows
95. Disable Messenger Service (Pop-up Spam)
96. Disable Control/Alt/Delete
97. Decrease the Size of Taskbar ButtonsUndo
98. Enable/Disable LogOff – Classic or New
99. Restore the Task Bar to Default Settings
100. Disable Unread Mail on the Welcome ScreenUndo
101. Prevent IE History Being RemovedUndo
102. Hide System Desktop Icons 
103. Enable Mouse Snap To Option/FunctionUndo
104. Remote Task Manager
105. Disable Remote Dial-Up Connections
106. Lock Default Browser
107. Change the Sort Order back to Pre-XP
108. FavesToGo – Save Favorites Quickly
109. Change Computer Name
110. Add Message above User Name & Password
111. Restore Run As – Which user account issue
112. Add “Log Folder Contents” to SendTo Menu
113. Enable the Task ManagerDisableRepair
114. Redirect Help and Support to a link of choiceUndo
115. Rename/Remove the Recycle Bin
116. Prevent Spyware from Being Installed
117. Restore Taskbar and Start Menu
118. Change Notification Error Wave File
119. Change the Hard Drive Icon
120. Mouse/Left Hand Users UndoWelcome Screen
121. Increase Icon Cache
122. Show All Bitmap Views
123. Add Notepad as a Right Click Item
124. Add Explore CD-Rom to Start Button (R/C)
125. List Page File Location, Min and Max
126. Show Boot Configuration(s)
127. Disable Windows File Protection
128. Task Bar LockTask Bar Unlock
129. Restore Folder Options Under Tools
130. Add a Folder to My Computer and Desktop
131. Disable the Shutdown Command/Enable
132. Change and/or Add an HTML Editor
133. Restore Most Frequently Used – Undo
134. Hide All Notification Area IconsUndo
135. Clear Read-Only Attributes
136. Search for All File Types
137. Remove “Open With” from Context Menu
138. New Folder Hotkey – SM, Desktop, Specify
139. Restore Zip Folders to Default in XP
140. Rename Files and Folders En Masse
141. Help, CHM, HH Checker/Fixer
142. Disable the Script Debugger in IE
143. Enable or Disable the Splash Screen for OE
144. Clear Wallpaper Most Frequently Used List
145. Control Panel – Classic or Category View
146. Retrieve the Class Name for a File Extension
147. Add Internet E-mail Message to New Menu
148. Set All Search Options to ActiveUndo
149. Clear Cache on Reboot
150. Add Open New Window to the Right Click
151. Rename “Search” on the Start MenuUndo
152. Rename “Run” on the Start MenuUndo
153. Restore Missing “New” and Text Doc
154. Disable Shut Down Per User
155. Enable/Disable Show Hidden Files/Folders
156. Disable SSPD and UPNP ServicesUndo
157. Prevent Automatic Folder and Icon RefreshEnable
158. Change the Recycle Bin Icon Undo
159. Minimize Any Program to System Tray
160. Enable Monitor Power-off on Logon Screen
161. Hide Start Menu SubfoldersUndo
162. Restore HTML, HTM, URL Thumb View
163. Restore Terminal Services
164. Restore Taskbar to Default Functionality
165. Disable/Enable Start Menu Subfolders
166. Restore/Place Search on the Start Menu
167. Force Classic Start MenuUndo
168. Clipboard Reader
169. Shutdown Shortcut
170. Add Windows Explorer to the Right Click
171. Enable or Disable Active Window Tracking
172. Msinfo32 Batch File – To Gain Access
173. Repair the Registry Editor
174. Remove Added IE Toolbar Entries
175. Restore Empty/Full Icons – Recycle Bin
176. Add XP Google Group Search to IE Toolbar
177. Restore the Web Tab – Display Properties
178. Restore the Go Button
179. Window Metrics – Shell Icon – Repair
180. Add a Folder Under the Run Command
181. Account SID Association (run w/ cscript)
182. User Account Information (run w/ cscript)
183. View Source – Restore Notepad as Default
184. Disable Thumbnail Cache
185. Remove Desktop Version from Desktop
186. Restore Run As to the Right ClickUndo
187. Restore Themes Functionality
188. Add or Remove – Administrator Error
189. Correct DirectX 9 “Logo Error”
190. Hide Selected/Specific File Extension Paths
191. Change CD/RW, DVD Name in Explorer
192. Change .bmp Default to Paint
193. Remove Hotfixes from Add or Remove
194. Disable Highlight New ProgramsUndo
195. Restore Wallpaper Views
196. Sort All by Alphabet – Start Menu and Fav’sUndo
197. Display Simple Folder ViewUndo
198. Add Open Target Folder to Context Menu
199. Enable Folder and Icon Refresh
200. Disable Save This Program to Disk Option