Really Blogspot blogs blocked in India?

Really Blogspot blogs blocked in India?

Blogs with the domain name have been reported as inaccessible by users of certain internet service providers (ISPs) in India. Though other blogs powered by Google’s Blogger service, but having their own domain names are accessible. The block seems to be currently limited to only a few ISPs, with many users on other ISPs still being able to access freely.

Airtel has denied any blocking on its part. “We have’nt blocked any blogspot,” the company said in a post though its official Twitter account (@Airtel_Presence). Tech blogger Amit Agarwal believes that it “looks more like a glitch than a ban.”
This incident of blogs being inaccessible has brought back memories of the infamous 2006 blog block that affected most blogging services. The government had then issued directives to ISPs to block a few specific blogs and the ISPs ended up blocking entire domains leading to an online outburst.

Update: Blogspot blogs are now accessible on Airtel. The ISP denies blocking the domain.

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