Re: No more screensaver after SP3 update

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Re: No more screensaver after SP3 update
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>>> My machine is as clean as a whistle. No viruses, bots, or the likes
>>> (according to Norton, Ad-aware, etc.). My HD is always
>>> defraged…etc.
>>> But ever since I did the SP3 update, my screensaver only activates 1%
>>> of the time. That includes the Power Saving settings as well (monitor
>>> off).
>>> I can manually start the screensaver and it will stay on, but that’s
>>> it, and it’s annoying.
>>> I have NO hookups with wireless keyboards or the likes.
>>> Does anyone have an inkling as to what is going on, or what I can do?
>>> Many thanks,
>>> Sergio

>> On Sep 7, 9:44 pm, "Shenan Stanley" <newshel…> wrote:
>> Check for hardware driver updates from the hardware manufacturers of your
>> computer components. In particular, the motherboard chipset, the video
>> device, etc.

> "SergioQ" <> wrote in message
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> Did it, and still nothing. I was going to say I didn’t think it would
> work since once I manually activate the SS it won’t go off. But this
> is getting to be a bit ridiculous.
> Any other thoughts?

Hi Sergio,

This is a long shot, but something to check:
Click Start, click Run, type or paste next line and press Enter:
In Computer Management, expand (+)Services and Applications
Click Services, Look for Task Scheduler and Windows Time.
Are both Started and Automatic? Also this:
System Event Notification [tracks power events]

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode to see if your SS works there?

Did you make any other changes besides SP3?

Was your Norton anti-virus active when you installed SP3?

Did you close all open programs during installation?

How did you download and install SP3? from Windows Updates?

Were you experiencing previous problems that you thought SP3 would fix?

Did you follow all the pre-install guidance?
Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

IEBlog IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3…and-xpsp3.aspx

List of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 3

In the list of fixes, this next is the only Screen saver item I saw:
Screen saver does not start if the Windows Security dialog box is open

I have crossposted this message to the windowsupdate newsgroup in case the
experts there have any suggestions. Some more information about your
particular computer configuration may be helpful.

Before SP3, were you at Service Pack 1 or SP2 level?

What edition of XP? (Home, Professional, Media Center Edition, x64?)

Desktop or Laptop computer? (Uninterruptible Power Supply?)

What version of Norton? What version of Ad-aware? What other anti-malware?

Have you ever used a registry cleaner?

Are you the only user of the computer? (Got pets? 🙂

Important: What Screen Saver? One of the Windows screen savers?

(Hope this helps. 🙂

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