Pre-book order online your UbiSlate Now

Pre-book order online your UbiSlate Now

The Aakash is a 7” Android 2.2 touch screen tablet that has a HD video co-processor for a high-quality multimedia experience and core graphics accelerator for faster application support.  The Aakash tablet is the only Android device in the market to offer DataWind’s UbiSurfer browser, based on 18 international patents.  The UbiSurfer browser accelerates web pages by factors of 10x to 30x, allowing for a web experience who’s speed is unrivalled.

Features of Ubislate 7+:
•Android 2.3 (Aakash: Android 2.2)
•7-inch touchscreen with 800×480 resolution
•Cortex A8 – 700 MHz CPU (Aakash: Arm11 – 366MHz)
•3 hours battery life – thanks to the new 3200 mAh battery (Aakash: 2100 mAh)
•Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity (the Aakash was Wi-Fi only)
•HD video playback
•256 MB RAM
•One USB 2.0 port
•2GB internal storage, which can be expanded to 32GB via microSD

Price : Rs. 2999/-
Features – Explained
  • The added GPRS connectivity feature enables you to insert sim cards on your tab and use it as a mobile phone. This extension makes it easier to get connect without using usb 3G dongles. In the other hand, GPRS is very slow and the browsing experience without WiFi will be poor.
  • Since the microprocessor is  Cortex A8, It’ll surely support Adobe flash player which ensures high quality and fully functional internet browsing.
  • The HD video Co-processor enables you to steam/play full HD 1080p videos. You can store much movies in external memory which can be expanded up to 32GB.
  • The USB port enables you to connect ordinary pendrives or memory cards so that you can use it much like a PC or laptop.
  • Its more like an android phone. You can receive or make calls, access over 150000 apps in the android market.
  • You can connect extra USB keyboard makes typing easier.
  • Car charger
  • Keyboard case
  • Headphone/mic

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