Panda Cloud Antivirus Review

Panda Cloud Antivirus Review

Can the cloud protect you from getting burned or will it rain on your parade? In this review I put Panda’s Cloud Antivirus to the test against 0-day malware samples.

  1. and that’s a good thing.

    It should be simple to use. XD

    Anyways, I love Panda’s Cloud AV, But I also love tons of other antiviruses, such as… Avira, avast, MS Security Essentials, etc.

  2. did panda died why yes it did it died because it sucks no offense

  3. What’s the bet that the antivirus cloud makers make the virus. LOL.

    Window tax?

  4. its on a VIRTUAL MACHINE. it stays in that virtual machine, but when the machine is restored, EVERYTHING is deleted and reverted to the old state. thats how VM’s work.

  5. Очень удобный и простой антивирус, мне понравился!

  6. This video is old, I use to test Panda Cloudantivirus against 15 new malware links, Panda has never failed more than 4 links!

    I´ve to agree that in the beginning Panda Cloudantivirus was bad to catch new Viruses, but now it´s very good!

    Five Stars!

  7. At 15:12 as you look the anti virus is Turned Off on the task bar 🙂 so why should detect anything I ask you ???

  8. awkward why would u infect ur self with virus what if the virus spreads to ur back up ? 🙂

  9. lol: OK there is no problems LOL

  10. looks like a antivirus for a 3 year old

  11. Wow. First of all you sound really depressed. …this is matt… and…no….i’m not dead…i just been real busy…lol…But seriously this video was a bit long and I just wanted you to get to the point. Secondly I’m a bit confused because both PCworld and Cnet’s reviews found Panda Cloud to catch 99% of malware.

  12. Panda Cloud Antivirus is actually very nice. There are a few dangerous viruses that disable the function of your antiviruses (which means you can’t scan for viruses). When that happens, use Panda Cloud Antivirus because it functions differently from other antiviruses. It doesn’t get rid of even a quarter of the viruses you have on your computer, but it definitely removes the ones that malfunction your personal antiviruses. I know this from my personal experiences.

  13. i will never use this AV lols!

  14. panda sucks its worst then trendmicro

  15. check o-day malware if not detected
    try agian 10 minutes later

  16. “i’m gonna grab another beer, i’ll be right back.” lol

  17. thanks for the privacy center link again, matt!

  18. PANDA ROX! 😀

  19. looks like panda sucks lol

  20. ya at the moment i run aviria with commodo but the pop up is really annoying i also imunize my browser and run spybot s$d and other programs from time to time i keep a old copy of cc cleaner to empty the recycle bin incase i get strange browser behavior and i use ghost which i occasionally run to back up files on a seperate drive
    course my kid uses my computer which iis annoying cause they click yes on everything lol

  21. @nebby95 I disagree. I think the way its presented makes it feel more like a personal experience, and less like a staged event. I put more stock into presentations like this, because the likelihood that they are doctored is much less.

  22. cut the guy some slack…if you actually watched the video, he says that its midnight where he is…

  23. its a computer inside a computer…kind of like when you play a game on the computer, I guess…Us geeks use them all the time to test new software, games (now with Virtualbox 3) and just customizing a pc…I used one recently to test Vista Inspirat on an XP VM…

  24. whats a virtual machine

  25. What a slow delivery. Um er he needs a course on talking coherently. Too much waffle. Pace is everything!

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